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New first grader, new junior high school first grader, entrance to school of the grade middle

Last update date January 18, 2019

When elementary school student, student with resident registration enters prefectural elementary and junior high school in Kohoku Ward private institution, Kunitachi, please tell Kohoku Ward government office.
(international school, vocational school is inapplicable)

Thing to prepare

  • Application
  • The original of documents (as for the pass notification, impossible) found to admit entrance to school such as entrance to school letters missive which attendance at school planned school issued

You offer two points of documents mentioned above, and bring to college register window of the Kohoku Ward the second floor of the government office 22nd.

In addition, in the case of entrance to school of the grade middle, procedure at school where we were in is necessary so far.

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Telephone: 045-540-2254

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