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To prevent food poisoning

Last update date February 19, 2019

Checkpoint at home for the food poisoning prevention

There are our various bacteria causing food poisoning around and multiplies if there are any suitable nutrition, moisture, temperature, and it may be for unexpected accident. Cooking is work of sanitization. We will check your domestic food poisoning prophylaxis.

Invention not to put

Do you confirm the freshness and indication of food at time of shopping?
Is kitchen clean?
Do you wash hand?

Before cooking
After having treated meat, fish, egg,
After having touched pet,
After going to restroom, and having changed diaper,
After having blown the nose

Does appearing thing of "juice" put meat, fish in bag and the container in refrigerator?
Do you decide place to be able to enter in refrigerator? For example…

"Thing which eats without heating"
"Freshness product such as fish, meat"

Do you wash kitchen utensil including kitchen knife, cutting board every end of work well?

Invention not to increase

Does "cold storage required" protect storage temperature of food?
Do you eat in order that you bought earlier (you made)?
Is food which became old in refrigerator?
Do you not leave completed side dish to room temperature for a long time?
When you classify share of person eating later into refrigerator, can you enter after cooling well?

Invention to kill, and to remove

You wash ingredients well, and you protect method that you were able to decide, and do you treat?
Do you do invention to pass of fire to the center?

They go down, and meat dishes heat hamburg until central red place disappears.
We do not make with big pan so in large quantities (heating irregularity worries).
We heat at the age of barbecue over a low heat slowly and carefully.

Let's prevent food poisoning by your invention.

The leftovers are not fortune; the cause of food poisoning,
Let's dispose with courage early.

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