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Health promotion which begins with walking

Last update date June 1, 2020

We aim at "the best healthy life expectancy in Japan" in Yokohama-shi and push forward the making of structure that there is health promotion in everyday life although being a pleasure.

List of each Yokohama health-style business
Yokohama walking point (the outside site)Yokohama health stamp rally (the outside site)Yokohama senior volunteer point (the outside site)
It is business to have Yokohama citizens 18 years or older push forward health promotion in spite of being pleasure with pedometer.Stamp is pushed when we participate in health promotion business and is business that collects two stamps, and can apply for premiums.When we perform volunteer activity in care insurance facility, "point" is provided and is realization and structure which we can donate to according to "point" that we saved.


Kohoku Ward walking notebook

We distribute Kohoku Ward walking notebook.

Kohoku Ward walking notebook cover

●Distribution place
1 ward office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (the third-floor 37th window)
2 Kohoku sports centers
Community care plaza in three wards

Kohoku Ward walking map

"Attractive photocontest of Kohoku-cho" that Kohoku tourist association carried out in 2014 and "photographic contest of 2015 kouhoku plums"
We made walking map using application photographs of this.
We introduce walking course in three kinds of walking maps from Part 1 to Part 3.
You take a walk through this map to one hand, and please discover a lot of charm of Kohoku Ward.
For more details
Look at Kohoku tourist association home pe di(the outside site).

Kohoku Ward walking map part 2 cover

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