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It is gourd island/The Inch-High Samurai Kohoku art festival puppet play unexpectedly

Last update date August 29, 2019

Basic information

Event name

It is gourd island/The Inch-High Samurai puppet play unexpectedly

Event summary

It is puppet play that everybody can enjoy with or without obstacle again both children and adults.
Gourd island performs subtitles indication unexpectedly on stage.
We enjoy The Inch-High Samurai with eyes by various contents which increased the "talk" "sign language" "musical accompaniment" in familiar old tale, and it is in stage which can feel with body.
[appearance, program]
"Unexpectedly gourd island" by doll theatrical company eyes seat
"The Inch-High Samurai" due to demister papettoshiata, eyes

The date

September 7, 2019

The date and time details

Twice performance
The curtain rises at eyes 11:00 in 1 performance (the 10:30 opening)
The curtain rises at eyes 14:00 in 2 performances (the 13:30 opening)

Holding area

Kohoku Ward

The held place details

Person with a disability sports Cultural Center Yokohama raporuraporushiata

Participation method

Please buy ticket.



The expense details

500 yen younger than booking public 2,000 yen, 3 years or older junior high student
(500 yen younger than general 2,500 yen on that day, 3 years or older junior high student)
※General seating
※When advance ticket is sold out, there is no today's ticket
※Today's ticket is sold only in raporushiata
※When seat is necessary, even cases under 3 are charged
[advance ticket]
We begin to sell from Monday, July 8

Eligible people

As for anyone


Kohoku art festival executive committee/Kohoku Ward government office

The cosponsorship, support

[the cosponsorship]
Social welfare corporation Yokohama-shi rehabilitation corporation, Yokohama arts Festival executive committee
The present age puppet play center, theater accessibility network

Detailed information

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