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About correspondence of sports facility during important measures period such as prevention of spread

Final update date May 11, 2021

 Kanagawa Prefecture has been designated as a priority area for priority measures such as prevention of spread based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza (Law No. 31 of 2012), and Kanagawa Prefecture has designated Motoichi as a measure area. The opening hours of sports facilities have been decided to be until 20:00 in principle.
 In using the facility, please continue to cooperate with measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
 We apologize for any inconvenience or inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[Response policy for priority measures such as prevention of spread]

・As a general rule, the opening hours are until 20:00 from the viewpoint of suppressing citizens' going out. However, at the time of the event, it is possible to use it until 21:00 based on the intentions of the organizer.
 (* For details, please check the website of each facility.)
・If you have reserved a usage limit that extends over 20 or 20:00, please refrain from using it.
・New reservations will be suspended for the period of 20 or 20:00.
・Regarding reservations for usage slots after 20:00 or at 20:00, if canceled after April 16, 2021 due to shortening of usage time until 20:00, no cancellation fee will be collected and paid in advance The full amount of the fee will be returned.
・For face-to-face eating and drinking when using the facility, and dinner before and after use, please refrain from self-control because the risk of infection increases.

Implementation period

From Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to the end date of priority measures such as prevention of spread

Target facilities

Outdoor facilities

Indoor facilities



Sports Center

Usage restrictions and precautions

 Please observe the following items when using. For details, please check the website of each facility.

①If you fall under any of the following, please refrain from using it voluntarily.

・If you are not feeling well (eg, if you have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc.

・When there is a suspected infection in a family member of living together

・If the government has restricted entry within the past 14 days, travels to countries or regions where observation period after entry is required, or has close contact with the resident

②Each room has an upper limit on the number of users, so please use the number of people within the upper limit.
③Each facility may have restrictions on available facilities.
Before using, be sure to check "To Users (PDF: 203KB)".
⑤When using, it is necessary to fill out and submit the “New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Prevention Check Sheet” prepared at each facility.
⑥The representative of the use should create a list of participants to understand the names and contact information of all the people who use it together, and keep it for about one month. In addition, please be able to submit when there is inquiry from facility manager.
⑦Before the use time, please do not wait in the lobby etc. and cooperate with prompt entry and exit.
⑧If you develop a new coronavirus infection within two weeks after use, immediately report to the facility about the presence or absence of a close contact.
⑨To prevent infection, observe the measures set by the facility manager and follow the instructions of the facility manager.

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