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"Hometown tax payment" to Yokohama-shi (we want to support Yokohama marathon!)

Final update date April 7, 2021

thank you goods

For those who donate 123,000 yen or more, the right to run without lottery (for one person) will be presented to the full marathon of Yokohama Marathon 2021 (held on Sunday, October 31, 2021).

※Please be careful※

In addition to the case where the meeting is canceled, no refund will be made after the donation is received for any reason.
However, if the tournament is canceled, the following items will be sent as "Thank you items" in place of "Yokohama Marathon 2021 (full marathon) run right (for one person)".
◆Under Armour Yokohama Marathon Original Goods
◆participation in online marathon
※Under Armour Yokohama Marathon original goods will be delivered as soon as they are ready after the scheduled date of the tournament.

Application for donation

We accept application for donation only from oldness and tax payment portal site "oldness and choice".
For more information, please see the dedicated page of "Furusato Choice".

Hometown Choice is here
Click here for Hometown Choice

Use of donations

In order to make the Yokohama Marathon a safer and more enjoyable tournament for everyone, we are improving the environment of the tournament, such as enhancing facilities.
Donations from everyone will be used to improve the environment for safer and more comfortable tournament management, such as enhancing security and rescue along the course.
We look forward to your support in order to be a marathon event that can be enjoyed not only by running (runing) but also by cheering (seeing) and participating (supporting) as volunteers.

About donation deduction

Donations to local governments, including Yokohama City, are deducted from income tax and personal residence tax up to a certain upper limit for the portion of the donation that exceeds the applicable lower limit of 2,000 yen.
For details, see "About donation method and tax deduction."

Contact information

(1)Inquiries about donation menu
Secretariat of the Yokohama Marathon Organizing Committee
Telephone: 045-651-0666
Email: [email protected]

(2)Inquiries about donation tax credit system
For deduction of residence tax, go to Tax Division of the municipality where you live (in the case of Yokohama-shi, each ward
For income tax deductions, go to your local tax office.

Inquiries to this page

Civic Affairs Bureau Sports Promotion Department Sports Promotion Section

Telephone: 045-671-32877

Telephone: 045-671-32877

Fax: 045-664-0669

Email address: [email protected]

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