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Let's think now! susume of "sportsmanship" to do ... life wealthily

This seminar was finished. We appreciate your watching. As person whom we overlooked and person wanting to see once again will deliver archive later in this page, please see by all means!

Last update date March 1, 2021

 In Yokohama-shi, we hold online seminar for the purpose of cheering up elementary school, junior high school, elementary school student, student of the last school year of high school who were not able to make sports into heart's content by corona evil. We rediscovered value of sports that we did and had Director Japan sportsmanship association representative Akihiro Nakamura go on the platform under the theme of "value of sports to think about through sportsmanship" from thought to want you to engage in sports in future and had you tell with talk session with Director Tomohito Sakanaga in NPO corporation BB future until now.
 In addition, we realized this plan by contribution from Yoshitomo Tsutsugo for the purpose of encouraging twelfth grader, ninth grader, sixth grader who belonged to baseball team in Yokohama-shi affected by new coronavirus infectious disease.

Held summary ※This seminar was finished


From February 28, 2021 15:30 to 16:30


Value of sports to think about through sportsmanship

Entrance fee

Free (anyone is audible and visible)


Person (person who is interested about sportsmanship) who is interested in sports

The seeing and hearing method

State of this seminar archives in this page, and it will deliver later.
Look at and wanting to see once again that you missed by all means!


Representative of association of Japan sportsmanship director Akihiro Nakamura
1996, Keio University law department law subject graduation. From 2015 to Chiba University of Commerce service creation department instructor. In 2018, we establish association of Japan sportsmanship and act as Director Representative chairperson. In main book "the sportsmanship Bible" (2020 Orient hall publication).
Association of Japan sportsmanship brings up better person through the spread, enlightenment, promotion of sportsmanship and works on the making of better society.

NPO corporation BB future director Tomohito Sakanaga
shinkatameikunkokojidai, Koshien participation. We act as the captain for Rikkyo University Era. It is corporation's director, and supervisor of Sakai Big Boy's serves, too. Motto "makes the future of Japanese children a bright one through baseball and education".
In NPO corporation BB future, we work on personnel training to flap through sports in Japan and the world.


We carry out questionnaire in the following URL to ask all of you who had you participate in this plan about opinion and impression (time required around three minutes).

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We would appreciate your cooperation for answer by all means.

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