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Yokohama official promotion leaflet "Every time you meet, new Find Your YOKOHAMA"

Final update date April 28, 2021

[Yokohama City Official Promotion Leaflet] Every time we meet, a new Find Your YOKOHAMA (produced in 2020)

Yokohama is a city that always gives you a sense of new discovery, excitement, and sensitivity.
The switch is switched to extraordinary life just by visiting casually, and there is a exciting and exciting experience and a calm and relaxing time.
It introduces the charm of Yokohama.
Why don't you find your own "Yokohama"?

●Number of pages :20 pages (with holder)
●language :Japan and the United Kingdom
●Size :A4 size
●Contents :The experience value that cannot be felt unless you come to Yokohama is composed of the following eight chapters.

Chapter 1 Beautiful Waterside Activities
Chapter 2 Art spots scattered in cities
Chapter 3 Entertainment in the City
Chapter 5: Culture intersects
Chapter 6 A city where athletes shine
Chapter 7 Global MICE City
Chapter 8 Japanese Culture Living in the City

A multilingual digital book version is also available.

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