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Whenever meet, new Find Your YOKOHAMA

Last update date March 25, 2019

In Yokohama-shi, we establish brand slogan as words that gathered charm of city called Yokohama.
By sending through various promotion externally, will plan improvement of brand image of Yokohama in future.

Brand slogan


Street, Yokohama that work on creative activity, town development that took in new viewpoint while character of enterprise and attachment to town are strong, and feeling-related rich people value historical thing.

Creative place where we can challenge, and we are stimulated, and field of vision and the world spread, and sensitivity is polished by various Homo sapiens thing things that is not enacted elsewhere.
Living person, working person, person who comes…"Polished sensitivity" promises that we provide "increasing ko*kan" for Yokohama-shi "new discovery" through the approach to have every people feel Yokohama when it is such a place.
We load the word "Find Your YOKOHAMA which is new whenever we meet" with the thought and develop business along this concept and send in scenes various as brand slogan.

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Telephone: 045-671-4123

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