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Every time you meet, a new Find Your YOKOHAMA

Final update date March 25, 2019

Yokohama City has established a brand slogan as a word that aggregates the appeal of the city of Yokohama.
In the future, we will improve the brand image of Yokohama by transmitting it externally through various promotions.

brand slogan


Yokohama is a city where people who have a strong spirit of enterprising and attachment to the city, and who are sensitive, work on creative activities and town development that incorporate new perspectives while valuing historical things.

A place where creative challenges that cannot be achieved elsewhere can be stimulated by various people, goods and things, the field of view and the world can be expanded, and sensibility can be improved.
People living, working, visiting…Yokohama City promises to provide "new discoveries," "spirit to be polished," and "enriching excitement" through its efforts so that everyone can feel Yokohama as such a place.
With that in mind, we will develop our business in line with this concept and communicate it in various situations as a brand slogan, with the words "Every time we meet, new Find Your YOKOHAMA".

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