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beyond2020 program

Final update date February 4, 2021

Through the "beyond2020 program," we will promote the appeal of Yokohama's culture.

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In Yokohama City, the “Rugby World Cup 2019 TM Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Yokohama Vision” was formulated, and one of the “basic attitudes” was “Everybody visited by various people from all over the world, especially the Paralympic Games. Aiming to realize a symbiotic society that respects and supports each other. " In Culture and Tourism Bureau has implemented a business based on the above philosophy, with the policy of "Creative Inclusion".
This is based on the town development that makes use of the creativity of the city's cultural arts, and aims to solve problems creatively beyond various differences such as disability, race, nationality, religion, age, gender, etc. The idea is to engage in equal relations and participate in society and organizations.
Based on this idea, Yokohama City has become a certified organization for the beyond2020 program. We are accepting applications for certification, so please apply.

What is the "beyond2020 program"?

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we will certify as a “beyond2020 program” a cultural program that contributes to the creation of a legacy that can be proud of the next generation appropriate for a mature society by utilizing Japan's strengths of regional rich and diverse culture. By giving it, we will expand all over Japan with a sense of unity.

What are the benefits of receiving the "beyond2020 program" certification?


What organizations are eligible for the "beyond2020 program"?

  • As a general rule, group having base in Yokohama-shi or group performing the application business in the city.
  • An organization engaged in a wide range of cultural activities, regardless of for-profit or non-profit activities
  • A wide range of organizations, including public institutions, private businesses, and other voluntary organizations.


What are the requirements for the "beyond2020 program" certification?

In order to disseminate the appeal of Japanese culture and create a legacy that leads to a symbiotic society and internationalization, the certification requirement is to satisfy both of the following 1 and 2.

  1. Business and activities to promote the appeal of Japanese culture  ※Japanese culture includes a variety of things, from traditional arts to content that the world is paying attention to as Cool Japan, food culture such as Japanese food, festivals and traditional crafts.
  2. Business and activities that include any of the following in consideration of diversity and internationality
  • Efforts to remove barriers for persons with disabilities
  • Efforts to remove language barriers for foreigners


How can I get the "beyond2020 program" certification?

Flow of Certification
Submit application documentsPlease submit the “Certification Application Form (Excel: 73KB)” by e-mail or mail with at least two weeks before certification.
As a result of certification examinationAs a result of certification examination: We will send a notice to the e-mail address listed in the application form.
Application ChangesPlease submit a certification change application or certification change registration form (Excel: 31KB). (In case of change of organization / organization name, business / activity name, implementation period, venue, business outline, application for certification change, in other cases, certification change registration form)
Project implementation 
Submit performance reportsWithin one month after the end of the project, please submit a business report, news release, etc. that outlines the activities, a record photo (2 to 3 points) and a "beyond2020 program performance report (Excel: 71KB)".

Application documents

  • [Required] Certification Application Form
  • [Required] Pledge and Consent Form (Scanned data is acceptable)
  • [Required] Documents that show the activities of the organization (Terms, etc.)
  • [Optional] Documents that show the details of the plan (plan summary, etc.)

  (Yokohama City beyond2020 Program Certification Guidelines) (PDF: 221KB)

Submission destination
[Email address][email protected]

6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 30th floor
Cultural Program Promotion Division Beyond2020 Certification


Related Sites

The Agency for Cultural Affairs' cultural information portal site "Culture NIPPON" (outside site) also accepts electronic applications for beyond2020 programs.

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