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Yokohama-shi picture delivery support program search site

In Yokohama-shi, artist forced to stop and reduction of activity under the influence of corona supports approach that Web delivers pictures such as no audience performances to (Yokohama-shi picture delivery support program). As we launched portal site which we search delivered picture and can read, please see picture of artist who continues working in corona evil by all means.

Last update date October 14, 2020


[October 13 exhibition!]
Various contents are going to be added sequentially.
You see picture which was full of thought of each artists and want to have you share thought to "continue turning on light of culture of Yokohama together".

Yokohama-shi picture delivery support program search site
YOKOHAMA SHOWCASE (Yokohama showcase) (the outside site)

About Yokohama-shi picture delivery support program

It is one of culture art emergency support projects of Yokohama-shi with new coronavirus infection spread preventive measures.
We lived by culture art, and, by activity self-restraint, closure request, performance, display in culture facility in Yokohama-shi carried out culture art plan in form that was correct for social conditions at the present including no audience performance using facilities such as live house hall, theater in Yokohama-shi targeting at postponement or which had been called off and paid money of support for approach to deliver the picture on the Internet.

[finished during application period] Offer period: From June 15, 2020 to July 3
The number of application: 352 (we examine by selection committee)
The number of adoption: 209 cases

The details such as offer essential points look at "Yokohama-shi picture delivery support program offer essential point" (the outside site).

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