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Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base "office kanazawa"

Last update date January 6, 2020

About the use of Kanazawa Ward base "office kanazawa"

It recruits groups using Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base "office kanazawa" establishing in Kanazawa sports center as office, base of social movement group at any time.

  • Period of use
    From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022
    ※About the use after April 1, 2022, we will have you apply again.
  • Application requirements
    Group where we can apply for assumes group meeting all the items from next (1) to (5).
    (1) Being social movement group moving into action in ward
    (2) There is intention to use facility as desk work space, base of group
    (3) Electing committee member one in the use management governing board, and being able to attend at committee
    (4) Being able to build other groups using this facility and cooperation, cooperation relations
    (5) Main activity contents do not correspond to activity for the purpose of religion, politics, profit
    ※Because limit may occur for the use when application group is beyond 20 groups, please take agreement between users beforehand.
  • About facility operational management
    (1) We install the Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base "office kanazawa" comprised by person following representative of each group or representative use management governing board (we say "committee" as follows) that the use group is independent by oneself and performs management administration of facility.
    ※There is no reward for committee member.
    (2) The use group bears photothermal water costs, communication costs, copy, press fee and expendable supplies costs by discussion of committee fairly.
    (3) Use of principle group performs cleaning of facility. In addition, we perform matter about household articles, equipment, facilities after discussion in committee and ward.
    (4) We perform adjustment between users, the making of rule about usage in committee.

Application method
(1) Submission documents

  1. Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base (office kanazawa) use application (the first style)
  2. Group summary book (No. 2 style)
  3. Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base (office kanazawa) use plan (No. 3 style)
  4. Rule (articles of association, the rules of a society about administration of organization of application group
  5. We know summaries of group such as brochures

(2) Application period
From Monday, January 6, 2020 to Friday, January 31 (must arrive)
(3) Submission method
Please submit by mail or bringing.

Offer essential point, style

About Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base "office kanazawa"

Q: What is "office kanazawa?"

A: We establish Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base taking the office function in Kanazawa sports center to support activities such as inhabitant of a ward activity groups in ward from the side in Kanazawa Ward. That is "office kanazawa".

The office kanazawa appearance

Q: "Who manages??"

A: We respect independence of social movement group to the maximum and the use management administration that put itself in user's shoes is possible and runs management in representative committee member of the use group and the use management governing board consisting of ward offices.
We plan the use utilization of fair base to user for user by the user.

Locker in office

It is case for arranging flyer in office

Press in office

Q: "Is it available in individuals?"

A: As is place taking office functions such as social movement groups, in principle individuals cannot use. But the use in personal form to participate is possible for conduct business of the use group.
In addition, person that intelligence such as social movement groups in Kanazawa Ward is hoped for, please use Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward activity center on the second floor of the ward office.

Office kanazawa usage guidance (PDF: 290KB)
List of use of office kanazawa groups (PDF: 130KB)

Q: "How much is fee?"

The fee for room and equipment is free. But, about electricity, water rate that each use group uses, various expendable supplies, we will have you bear in use groups. About amount of money, is decided in consideration of the number of the participation groups in committee every year.

Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward base (office kanazawa)
106-8, Nagahama, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanazawa sports center
Kanazawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity support charge (045-788-7806)

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