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About use of inhabitant of a ward use facility with prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection

Since the Declaration of Emergency was canceled on March 21, 2021, based on the Motoichi response policy indicated in response to the gradual relaxation period by Kanagawa Prefecture from March 22, We establish about correspondence of citizen use facility as follows. For details on opening information and facility use of each facility, please check the web page of each facility.

Final update date March 22, 2021

Use of facilities during the phased relaxation period

[Response policy]

  • Use of facilities is in principle until 21:00.
  • Please cooperate to refrain from eating and drinking in the facility (excluding hydration, etc.) and eating and drinking before and after using the facility.
  • For reservations made after 21:00 or 21:00 from March 22 (Mon) to April 21 (Wed), 1980, due to shortening of usage time until 21:00, March 2021 If there is an application for cancellation after Thursday, 18th, the usage fee will be refunded. (The cancellation fee will not be collected.)
  • New reservations will be suspended for reservations made after 21:00 from March 22 (Mon) to April 21 (Wed), 1980.

[Implementation period]

  • March 22 (Mon)-April 21 (Wed), Reiwa 3

※We carry out sequentially from facility where measures were taken.
※ The period may be shortened depending on the content of relaxation of the gradual measures after April 1 of the prefecture.

Basic concept of facility use

  • Encourage cough etiquette (wearing masks, face shields, etc.) and disinfection of fingers or hand washing with soap.
  • Provides ventilation such as opening windows and operating ventilation equipment.
  • In principle, the capacity of each room is set to "within 100% of the room capacity", and the interval between other users and the minimum number of people without contact (at least 1 meter, if possible, 2 meters) ) And ask for your activities.
  • Clean, disinfect and ventilate the room before and after use of each room.
  • Lending of goods will be thoroughly disinfected, and if sufficient disinfection is not possible, lending will be postponed.
  • In order to grasp the route of transmission when an infected person occurs at the facility, we will try to grasp the user, such as introducing the "Kanagawa LINE Colora Notification System".
  • We will conduct a temperature measurement before use, and if you are not feeling well, please refrain from using the facility.
  • In addition, we will implement measures that do not become “3 dense (closed space, dense place, close scene)”.

Contents of facility use

Kanazawa District Center, Kamariya District Center, Tomioka Namiki District Center, Rokuura District Center, Nomidai District Center, Yanagimachi Community House, Namiki Community House, Rokuura Sports Hall

[Available applications]

  • Group use such as conference room (multipurpose room), Japanese-style room, cooking room, crafts room, music room, gymnasium, ground (Kanazawa district center), tennis court (Rokuura sports hall), etc.
  • Personal use of facilities (play room, book corner, entertainment corner, lobby, gymnasium, etc.)
  • Business and classrooms sponsored by facilities

※The above uses are only available if the usage conditions of each facility are met.
For details of use, each facility (Kanazawa district center (outside site), Kamariya district center (outside site), Tomioka Namiki district center (outside site), Rokuura district center (outside site), Nomidai district center (outside site), Yanagimachi Please refer to community house (outside site), Namiki community house (outside site), Rokuura sports hall (outside site)).

Community house utilizing school facilities (Rokuura Minami, Oda, Tomioka, Daido, Nishi Kanazawa, Hakkei, Namiki Kita)

The community house installed at the school has been resumed on August 1, 2020, but some are not available. For more information about use, please contact each facility.

[Available applications]

  • Group use of conference rooms and Japanese-style rooms
  • Personal use of facilities (citizen's library, salon, etc.)
  • Business and classrooms sponsored by facilities

[Use to suspend use]

  • Eating and drinking in the facility (excluding hydration)

※The above uses are only available if the usage conditions of each facility are met.
For details of use, each facility (Rokuura Minami (outside site), Oda (outside site), Tomioka (outside site), Daido (outside site), Nishi-Kanazawa (outside site), Hakkei (outside site), Namiki Kita (outside site) )).

Kanazawa public hall Kanazawa

[Available applications]

  • Group use of auditoriums, conference rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and rehearsal rooms (* Available only when the facility conditions are met)
  • Business and classrooms sponsored by facilities

Please refer to Kanazawa public hall Kanazawa (outside site) for details of use.

Kanazawa Sports Center

[Available applications]

  • Physical education room (first, third) and training room group use
  • Individual use of facilities (badminton, table tennis, basketball)
  • Use of training room and changing room
  • Business and classrooms sponsored by facilities

[Use to continue suspension]

  • Use of shower room

※The above uses are only available if the usage conditions of each facility are met.
Please refer to Kanazawa sports center (outside site) for the details of the use.

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