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Recruitment of stand administration suppliers in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building

Last update date November 5, 2019

It recruits stand administration suppliers in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building

1 purpose

In the Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building, we invite public participation for administration suppliers such as stands for staff or other users.

It is targeted for subscription for 2

Management, person who can run of stand in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building and vending machine

3 open call for participants participation qualifications

Being corporation meeting all next conditions or group.

(1) Being corporation, group which can conclude contract about the business concerned between Kanazawa Ward directly.

(2) There are the administration results such as stand and vending machine more than three years.

(3) Not having received administrative action in business within the past three years.

(4) There not being nonpayment about corporation tax, corporation prefectural tax, corporate enterprise tax, corporation municipal tax, consumption tax and local consumption tax.

(5) Do not be person in the management dull situation (you go through the procedure, and start decision of the reorganization procedure, reproduction procedure others similar procedure is had the bankruptcy of, and settlement procedure or other settlement procedures are started particularly or bill business suspension says the done situation.).

(6) Not being subject group of law (1999 law No. 147) Article 8 Paragraph 2 first about regulation of group which performed indiscriminate mass murder act or group including the representative, sponsor or other members or the member concerned.

(7) Do not be person admitted that we have relations that are close to gangster to prescribe in gang prescribed in Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations (December, 2011 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 51) Article 2 No. 2, gang management rule corporation which gangsters prescribed in article No. 4 prescribe in article No. 5 or regulations Article 7.

(8) Do not be person with fact violating Kanagawa gang exclusion regulations (2010 Kanagawa regulations No. 75) Article 23 Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2.

4 administration conditions

(1) Administration place (cf. attached sheet)

 Oh, stand (include warehouse)

 Space (44 square meters) for Kanazawa Ward synthesis the first floor of the government building stand and warehouse (12 square meters)

 i drink vending machine

 It is set up 11 stand (three the first floor, the second floor two, the third floor one, the fourth floor two, the fifth floor one, the sixth floor two) by ward office. (the setting place details list attached sheet drawing (PDF in 2,443KB))

※ We decide to install disaster relief vendor.

(2) Licensing period

From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023

※ Licensing assumes permission in the year and decides to update during the period mentioned above as far as there are not special circumstances.

※ During licensing period, we include periods such as remodeling construction to affect stand establishment.

※ Administration start of stand plans Wednesday, April 1, 2020, but is decided by discussion.

(3) Business day and time

 Kanazawa Ward government office open agency day during administration period

 From 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 ※But on Saturday open agency day and temporary open agency day of holiday from 9:00 a.m. to noon


(4) Sale article, service (required sale grade)

• Setting of coin vendor type copier

• Map (figure of city planning, Kanazawa Ward map) concerned

• City publication (investigation season report, quarterly magazine "Yokohama")

• Eating and drinking charges product

• Sale cooperation of Kanazawa brand

• Other cities ask

(5) Instructions about sale

Oh, product which prohibits sale

(a) Alcoholic beverage (stand, vending machines)

(i) Book, magazine for adults (so-called harmful books)

Management (stand, vending machines) of i refuse

About drink product which we sold, we establish collection box around stand and vending machine, and administration supplier shall perform appropriate disposal of can, plastic bottles which we collected. In addition, about other refuse to drain from stand, we observe Yokohama 3R dream plan that Yokohama-shi works on and shall process by burden on administration supplier appropriately.

Sale of thing which city asks for u map, city publication

Between department in charge issuing map, publication concerned, please file for contracts directly each.

Oh, sale of Kanazawa brand cooperates

That, after discussion with Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association, contract directly; please go through the procedure.

Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association 1-18, Susakicho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi charge Nagai (long)

 Telephone 045-780-3431 fax 045-349-7035

 Homepage (the outside site)

About sale of article showing in o (4) and placement plan, it shall be decided after discussion.

(6) Expense burden

Expenses to have you bear of administration supplier are as follows.

Oh, it is the fee for use of administrative property out of the purpose

 We collect based on "regulations about the fee for use to affect for use of administrative property or purpose diplomatic delegations" Article 2.

(approximate stand of the present: 140000 yen/month, drink vending machine: in 3,100 yen/, month

 (we collect consumption tax separately.) )


i electricity charges

 We assume the actual expenses collection.

※ Calculating formula assumes monthly basis burden = moon power consumption (A) X electric bill unit price (B).

(A) This calculates based on value that we read by child meter, and (B) assumes contract unit price (the moon unit price concerned) with power supply company and does with unit price including this when fuel adjustment costs are added.

It is sundry expenses with doing business cormorant

 Daily life cleaning, expenses such as employee hygiene management, disposal costs of garbage

Oh, remodeling costs, setting costs to affect establishment of store of drink vending machine, store equipment and update costs of equipment

※ About construction contents of repair work, we assume topic for discussion.

※ About expense burdens such as repair of government building facilities after opening, we assume topic for discussion.

5 evaluation standard items

(1) Business hours

Business except basic business hours (according to 4(3)). But late night service after 10:00 p.m. is not possible.

(2) Constitution such as sale product, service and sales price

(3) Consideration to person with a disability

(4) Consideration to environment

Oh, it is consideration, approach, the contribution results to environment including energy saving recycling as the whole company

Setting of facilities to install in i stand and energy saving apparatus about drink vending machine

Approach about collection, appropriate disposal of u stand and garbage occurring from vending machine

Oh, it is approach based on "basic policy about promotion of Yokohama-shi green procurement" and "procurement policy to plan promotion of Yokohama-shi green procurement"

(5) Employee placement plan and employee education

Oh, it is employee duty form and the placement staff

The i employee training plan

(6) Anti-crime program measures, security, hygiene management and disaster, emergency correspondence

(7) Response to objection, request from user

(8) The stand branch results in other facilities

(9) Other administration supplier's original suggestion, sales point

※ Suggestion that raises policy to perform stand administration soundly, convenience of user

6 selection methods

We select the choice supplier 1 person and person of second supplier 1 in the committee meeting set up based on "stand administration supplier selection committee setting summary in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building" by application.

When we contract with the choice supplier and cannot conclude, we negotiate the contract conclusion with second supplier.

7 application procedures, period

(1) Application and the submission number of copies

A application application (style 1): Copy

i business plan (style 2) (as for the attachment of reference materials, possible as needed): Part 7

u company profile (brochures which company profile understands): Part 7

Oh, it is articles of association: Part 7

o inkagamishomeishomata is Seal Registration Certificate: Copy

The tax payment certificate of ka national tax, corporation prefectural tax, corporate enterprise tax and corporation municipal tax: For each one copy

ki stand and administration results reports (any style) such as vending machines: Part 7

※As the administration results of stand become evaluation standard item, please fill out in detail as possible.

Copying (thing which we wrote down the content in the case of the acquisition plan) such as authorization necessary for operation such as ku stands

(2) Submission period

From Friday, September 20, 2019 9:00 a.m.

Until Monday, September 30, 2019 5:00 p.m.

(3) Submission method

Mail or bringing

(must arrive during period in the case of mail mentioned above)

(4) Submission

〒236-0021 2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi

Kanazawa Ward government office General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section (charge white)

(5) Reception desk of question

When there is question, you fill in questionary on "recruitment of stand administration suppliers essential point written inquiry in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building", and, by E-mail, please send by the following time limit. We do not accept question except E-mail.

Oh, it is Monday, September 9, 2019 in deadline for submission of written inquiry

Until 5:00 p.m. (must arrive)

Destination [email protected] of i written inquiry

※Please assume title of E-mail "company name" [stand written inquiry].

Public announcement of answer to quality of cormorant question 

Around Tuesday, September 17, 2019

※We place answer to question in Kanazawa Ward homepage.

Notice of 8 results

About result of selection, we reply in document by the end of October.

Transfer of 9 business rights, prohibition of trust

(1) Company transfers business right of the stand concerned or must not make sublet.

(2) Company must not entrust third party with all of business.

10 and others

We do not return submitted documents. In addition, we may be released after examination partly.

11 reference

(1)Stand and drink vending machine setting planned place

 Attached sheet "stand and drink vending machine setting planned place" (PDF: 2,443KB) reference

(2)Building summary of Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building

The location: 2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi

Ward office, Kanazawa fire department, Kanazawa public hall

(3)The number of the staff of Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building

About 520 (we include ward office, fire department)

(4)The number of the people from next agency of day of Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building

About 2,250 people


・Kanazawa Ward government office, fire department

About 2,000 people

 ・Kanazawa public hall

 About 250 people

12 instructions

(1)In the same government building, we may sell food, miscellaneous goods as activities such as special event or person with a disability group.

(2)Light meal section is in Kanazawa public hall of juxtaposition.

13 dossiers


Kanazawa Ward General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section Oda, white  
Telephone: 045-788-7707
FAX: 045-786-0934
e-mail: [email protected]

Selection result

The choice result
  Supplier name
The choice supplier Heart good luck service

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