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Information for ward office parking lot

Last update date April 15, 2020

About ward office parking lot

The use, please use the next parking lot in Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building.
●Kanazawa Ward synthesis government building parking lot (the outside site) 
 ※Designated manager: Japanese parking (from April 1, 2020 five years)

As for the following designated managers, designated management period was expired on March 31, 2020.
 ●Times 24 coalition

Ward office parking lot is charged

Kanazawa Ward government office parking lot has you bear parking rate (the outside site) toward the user from February 1, 2010 (according to the list shown below, it may be available free.) .
As we will push forward the making of parking lot which it is easy to use for all of you, we would appreciate your understanding.
In addition, knob of the next agency seems to use public transport to ward office, and I would like cooperation.

Person (example) available free for a certain period of time
BusinessFree time
Person who comes to ward office by procedure, consultation60 minutes free of charge
The Check ups for Infants and Toddlers, person who can receive group Vaccinations and protectorThe time required free of charge
Person who comes for the use application for public hall established by ward office30 minutes free of charge
Impaired person and the caregiver
(in the case of the use, we limit public hall established by ward office, ward office)
The time required free of charge

※When there is window congestion, there is a charge for thing more than free time.
I would like understanding, cooperation to use public transport (train, bus) as much as possible when you come to ward office.

Process ... of ... charge introduction

Ward office parking lot is crowded depending on day and time, and the useless long time use and the use out of the purpose are founded in a part. In addition, it cost expense of about 200 million yen a year for maintenance management fee of parking lot.
As a result of performing questionary survey, round-table conference to constitute in citizen representative, people of learning and experience, public comment until now, and having considered based on opinions that we had from citizen's to do with parking lot which it is easy to use for all of you more, the next agency will have you bear parking fee from the viewpoint of equitableness and benefit principle with done, appropriate utilization promotion of parking lot in public transport.
I would like understanding, cooperation to utilize limited parking lot effectively, and to make it easy to use more.

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    Kanazawa Ward government office General Affairs Division (the sixth-floor 604th window) TEL 045-788-7708

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