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Community cleanup

Final update date March 10, 2020

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Various beautification activities are being carried out in the area with the aim of becoming a clean city without garbage. Here, we introduce some examples of such beautification activities, but there are also individuals and organizations that are conducting cleaning activities. Let's clean your city from a familiar place.

1.Town Clean Kanazawa Promotion Week

Every year, we set up the “City Clean Kanazawa Promotion Week” in May and October, and conduct practical activities to clean the city.

2.Hiragata Bay Cleanup Campaign

In order to preserve the irreplaceable nature of Hiragata Bay, we are cleaning the sea and Gulf of Hiragata Bay.

(1) Participants

  • Kanazawa District Union Neighborhood Associations
  • Rokuurahigashi Neighborhood Association
  • Rokuura District Alliance Neighborhood Associations
  • Kanazawa Ward Environmental Business Promotion Committee Liaison Council
  • Kanto Gakuin University Canoe Club
  • Kanazawa Hakkei Marine Club
  • NPO Yokohama Kanazawa Canoe Club
  • Tomioka Namiki Funadari Gionbune Park Protection Association
  • Umino Park SUP Club
  • Rokuura Junior High School
  • Yokohama Sogakukan High School
  • Yokohama City University Environmental Volunteer Step Up↑
  • My Town Kanazawa Hakkei Project Student Association HAKKEY +

(2) Sponsorship

Hiragata Bay Cleanup Campaign Executive Committee

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Telephone: 045-788-7801

Fax: 045-788-1937

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