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Rental of machine parts (registration required)

Last update date June 18, 2019

Counter in charge Kanazawa Ward government office Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward activity center
TEL: 788-7803 FAX: 789-2147

Rental of machine parts

Social movement or group working on lifelong learning and Kanazawa Ward are available to "teachers of town".
As it is necessary to enroll in center, activity contents of group know, and, in the case of registration, they bring (terms, the rules of a society, business flyer) and identification (driver's license, health insurance card) of representative to all. When registration is completed, we issue registered proof.

Rental method

  • We accept reservation of machine parts rental on first-come-first-served basis from 9:00 a.m. three months before rental preferred date.
  • When there is space on the day when you wish to loan, by attaching identification of Registered to machine parts rental application on the day of the rental, and submitting, can receive rental.
  • During period of machine parts rental, we reckon from rental day and do with less than three days. But we calculate except this when there are closed days during rental period.
  • In the case of rental or return, please show rental approval book to staff of center.
  • Even if reckon from scheduled return date, and it is past 3rd; of return when there is not, demand.
  • As a great number of people use machine parts, please treat carefully. You break facilities or rental of center machine parts by intention or gross negligence, and please compensate when you lose.
Machine parts which are available for carrying out from center
OHPWireless microphone
Plastic JohnScreen
Picture-story showLaser pointer
Picture bookReel outlet
ToyAmplifier (available CD, cassette)
Para-balloonNote PC
Machine parts which have you use only in center
PressStapler for exclusive use of binding
Paper fold machineStapler
Gathering machine 

※By politics, religion, profit activity, it is not available.

We can print only activity information about meeting of registration group (we may confirm manuscript in center)

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Kanazawa Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-788-7806

Telephone: 045-788-7806

Fax: 045-788-1937

E-Mail address [email protected]

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