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About registration of "teacher of town"

Last update date June 18, 2019

Counter in charge Kanazawa Ward government office Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward activity center
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1.About teacher of town

It is system to promote voluntary lifelong learning of inhabitant of a ward by registering rich lifelong learning leader, standby of life experience, occupation experience with Kanazawa Ward, and introducing to inhabitant of a ward.


It is necessary for Kanazawa Ward to fill "teacher of town" with all the next important matters.

  1. Lifelong learning including understanding, and being able to move into action with volunteer spirit.
  2. You make use of own knowledge, technique, experience, and, having ability as leader, standby of lifelong learning, have will to make use of the ability for society.
  3. Have time room accepted activity request from inhabitant of a ward relatively easily.
  4. Activity in Kanazawa Ward being possible.

3.Registration method

You attach the next documents to Kanazawa Ward "teacher of town" registration application (you distribute in Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward activity center.), and please submit.

  1. We know contents of knowledge, technique, experience that we want to make use of as "teacher of town" and qualification.
  2. We can prove social position. (the presentation)
  3. We admit that other Director General is necessary.

When it is admitted that we are equal to registration requirements, we register as teacher of town. We issue "the use registration document" to use inhabitant of a ward activity center in total. Please bring at the time of use of activity center by all means.

4.Registration period

Reckon from registration day; and three years (can update, and guide at update time)
In the case of registration after periodical update day until next periodical update day

5.Instructions about registration

  1. Registration contents should be released by hope except personal information. We notify client of contact method in exchange for contact information of client only when we get confirmation of accepting request when there is request for introduction.
  2. When you change registration of and are not equal to torishita of registration, registration requirements, please contact immediately.

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Telephone: 045-788-7806

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