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"Teacher of town" registrant

Last update date December 26, 2020

Classification, enrollment

Classification, enrollment
MacrotaxonomySmall classificationThe registration number of people
History, literary artsLocal history, Japanese history, world history, haiku, supervision4
Picture, molding

We get paper-cutting, picture, colored pencil image, PC drawing, molding,
Tear off Japanese paper; picture, picture letter, collage art,
Ceramic art, molding play workshop, Pastel shine art

MusicMusical instrument performance, traditional Japanese music, recitation of a Chinese poem, folk song, karaoke, voice training
Chorus, little song
Dancing, entertainmentComical Japanese dance, kembi dance, Moulins fist dancing, hula in China,
Social dancing, Ryukyu dancing, Bon festival dance, people dance,
Hip-hop street dance, picture-story show,
Street performance, magic, reading, rakugo, reading aloud, comedy magic,
Direction support
Language studyChinese, English, Korean5
Tea, bloom, calligraphyTea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, copying of a sutra, penmanship, poetry document16

Aromatherapy, baby massage, fair skin course, furoshiki lapping,
Dressing, icing cookies, confectionery,
Noodle making, rearranging, storing, contract bridge, PC, braid,
Apartment management, photograph, shogi, child chemistry course, smartphone,
Photograph rearranging, the photomaking of book, home-cooked meal, making soba in China


Flower arrangement, flower design, pressed flower,
Nature print, her barium aroma wax rosette,
Lapping necklace, decoupage, stippling, Kamakura carving, beads,
Knitting, original clay, clay work, art flower, eraser hanko,
Kimono-dressed wooden doll, patchwork Hawaiian kilt,
From reform kimono tassel, rosette, glass sand art,
We stab airbrush, art flower, kunsutoresu, kogin,
The sun catcher, Thor paint, snacks work,
Accessories of flower and tile

Society, the welfare, healthFinance, economy, the inheritance, will, adult guardianship, shukatsu, counseling,
Color therapy, the welfare, community, health from foot,
Hygiene of song and smile, care, dementia, food education, truancy support,
Recollection therapy, child learning support, action for marriage advice,
Musical therapy, care experience-based dementia prevention, coaching
Healthy lecture, sign language, kids announcement, healthy karaoke
Sports ・
Aerobic exercise, exercises, pelvic exercises,
Stretch, lymph stretch, yoga, bending and stretching exercises,
Beautiful posture Paul walking, human trunk program, healthy lecture,
Aikido, natural observation, mountain climbing, environmental learning, the heavenly bodies observation
Self-massage, rehabilitation training, human trunk balance training


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