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Declaration for FY2021 (2020)

Final update date February 12, 2021

About presentation of city, prefectural tax return

Please cooperate with the declaration by mail to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

<Report acceptance period>
February 12, 2021 (Friday) to April 15, 2021 (Thursday) ※Until
(* The deadline for filing has been extended by one month from the original March 15 (Monday).)

<Documents required for declaration>
・Identity verification documents (copy of identification documents with my number card or notification card (one whose contents match resident certificate's contents)
・Withholding slips and payment records of public pension salaries, etc.
・Proof of payment of health insurance premiums, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) Insurance Premiums, Life Insurance Premiums, Earthquake Insurance Premiums
・medical expenses deduction statement (not applicable when attaching a receipt)

 ・We ask for presentation by mail, but, when it is reported at ward office window, Kanazawa Ward the third floor third meeting room 3 ※We accept in.
 (* After March 16 (Tuesday), applications are accepted at the 304th window on the third floor.)

Attachment of "medical expenses deduction statement must be attached from the tax return for FY2021 (2020) (if not attached, it will not be applied)

medical expenses deductions cannot be applied to medical expenses receipt is not applicable.
Due to a tax reform in 2017, it has been changed to a method based on a “medical expenses's tax reform in 2017.
medical expenses deductions could be applied as a transitional measure by attaching or presenting a medical expenses City receipt attached or presented until 2020 declaration, but since 2021 transitional measures will be completed, attachment of "Detailed medical expenses deduction.
 ※When using medical expenses Notification issued by each insurance union requires entry of "Matters related to medical expenses Notifications are required.
 ※The medical expenses's receipt used when preparing the statement must be kept for 5 years.
 ※As statement is published in report guide of city, prefectural tax, please inflect.

Click here if you are a year-end adjusted salary earner and file a tax return for income tax in medical expenses

Only those who have only adjusted their year-end salary income and who file a refund of income tax by adding an medical expenses at the ward office.
 Period February 16 (Tuesday) to March 15 (Monday) 2021 (excluding weekends and holidays)
(* The deadline for filing a final tax return has been extended, but the application period at the ward office is until March 15 (Monday).)
 <Time> (morning) 9:00 am to 11:30 am
     (Afternoon) From 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

 Kanazawa Ward Office, 3rd floor, 3rd meeting room

Click here for details on what you need to declare (PDF: 224KB)

If you are reporting income tax refund in medical expenses, please use this.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (formerly Adobe Reader) is required to open PDF files.
If you do not have it, you can download it free of charge from Adobe.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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Telephone: 045-788-7744

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