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About evacuation sites opened at verges such as typhoon or heavy rain

Last update date October 10, 2019

 We extract the cliff ground which may give remarkable damage to house when landslide is generated in Yokohama-shi and choose "real time evacuation warning object area" announcing evacuation warning with announcement of landslide alert information all at once.

We  establish five places of evacuation sites so that Kanazawa Ward government office announces evacuation warning immediately when landslide alert information is announced in the southern part of Yokohama-shi, and house evacuates to target area.
 We lead to target area by posting toward the house in around June in usual, but will publicize to inhabitants of a ward some other time.


  1. Omichi Elementary School (2-3-1, Omichi)
  2. Kamariyahigashi Elementary School (2-12-1, Kamariyahigashi)
  3. Nishishiba Junior High School (Nishishiba 1-23-1)
  4. Kanto Gakuin University Building No. 12 (1-50-1, Mutsuurahigashi)
  5. Mutsuura district center (5-20-2, Mutsuura)

Evacuation (evacuation, indoor shunting perpendicular horizontal evacuation)

 When landslide alert information is announced in the southern part of Yokohama-shi from March 25, 2019, we will deliver "emergency breaking news email" to smartphone and cell-phone of all whom there is sometimes in Kanazawa Ward from Kanagawa and Yokohama-shi.
 But area targeted for evacuation warning is for about 930 households that are around 1% in about 88,000 households in Kanazawa Ward only in some areas listed in delivery email.

 Please confirm whether home is included in area targeted for evacuation warning immediately beforehand from the following pages.

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