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Kanazawa Ward security, reliable town development information

Last update date March 12, 2019

Reliable town development promotion meeting was held security.

General meeting of Kanazawa Ward security, relief town development promotion meeting was held on March 14, 2018 and was discussed about activity plan in activity report and 2018 in 2017.
Area, store, school, company, administration which are constitution group of this meeting cooperate and will work for safe reliable Kanazawa so that even traffic accident, one crime decreases.

Security, reliable Kanazawa latest issue (No. 13) (PDF: 1,139KB)

Anti-crime program measures of Kanazawa Ward

(1) Kanazawa Ward security, reliable email


"Kanazawa Ward security, reliable email" delivery service

(2) The crime occurrence situation in ward

To page of the Kanazawa police department "crime occurrence situation" (the outside site)
※We provide information with link to page of "the crime occurrence situation" of Kanazawa police department .
The main crime occurrence situation

In 2017, the number of whole decreased in comparison with the previous year. (in H28 1,087 cases → H29 892)

However, wire fraud ("It's me" fraud) rose 13 from 52 cases and the previous year.
Let assume the staff of government office, and operate ATM, come for receiving near the house without letting transfer,
We cheat bank card, and case of various tricks occurs.
"Electric field number changed." "We tell operation of ATM on the telephone." If there is telephone called "we want you to tell password of account.", let's think to be wire fraud.
Let's do contact, confirmation in the police (110th or 782-0110) and ward office (788-7801) if we feel that it is strange.

About theft, we rose ten from 29 cases and the previous year.
Invaded item occurs from the first-floor windows.
When we are out for prevention for short while, let's lock by all means.
In addition, let's attach as possible assistance lock to each window as there is case that Crescent lock part of windowpane is broken.

Bicycle theft decreased, but still occupies most, a one-third or more of whole number of criminal law criminal acknowledgement with 295 cases.
In the case of bicycle parking, we lock by all means in short time, and let's keep double on the rocks in mind as much as possible.

Bicycle theft measures
1.We do anti-crime program registration.
2.We write Address, the name.
3.Even as for little time by all means locking.
4.Anywhere anytime double on the rocks.
5.We lock in home site.
※Around station in Kanazawa Ward is illegally parked prohibition areas such as bicycles. We stop road bicycle parking, and we lock two folds in bicycle parking lots, and let's park our bicycle.

(3) about voluntary anti-crime program patrol activity

Voluntary anti-crime program patrol of local Neighborhood Associations or Neighborhood Association is effective not to encounter damage such as theft, car theft.
We put on anti-crime program armbands such as Neighborhood Associations or Neighborhood Association, and there are voluntary security many groups which patrol, and work now.
Area of non-conduct, please start activity. Goods (armband, the best saber light) necessary for patrol lend at ward office.
For more details, to Kanazawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division 788-7801

The beginning of anti-crime program patrol (PDF: 89KB)

Road safety measures of Kanazawa Ward

The Kanazawa police department jurisdiction traffic accident occurrence situation
The numberOutbreakDead personInjured
(the 2016 ratio)1272177

Traffic accidents in ward of 2017 increased in comparison with the previous year.
When we drive car, motorcycle, bicycle sequentially, in the case of walk, we follow traffic rules,
Let's try for prevention of traffic accident.

Traffic Safety Campaign annual slogan

From "heart and space of time as for the security"

30, Heisei, Yokohama-shi year Traffic Safety Campaign emphasis

  1. Prevention of traffic accident of child and elderly person
  2. Prevention of traffic accident of bicycle, two-wheeled vehicle
  3. The extermination of drink-driving
  4. Illegal parking and exile of illegally parked bicycle, motorcycle
  5. Exile of motorcycle gangs
  6. Thorough right wearing of seat belt and car seat of all seats
  7. Effective inflection of headlight (high beam) for early lighting and run of headlight in dusk
  8. Prevention of traffic accident of railroad crossing

Use of bicycle security 5 soku

  1. As for the bicycle, principle, the sidewalk are exceptions road
  2. Road passes the left side
  3. The sidewalk is given priority to walker and goes slowly by road gathering
  4. We follow safe rule
  5. Child wears helmet

In Kanazawa Ward, a lot of accidents of elderly person occur. Particularly, let's keep improvement of the observance, manner of traffic rules in mind being conscious of slogan called "joining a group of car about bicycle if there is bicycle".

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