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For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we prohibit clamming in Marine Park until May 6

Last update date April 10, 2020

 About clamming in "Marine Park" of Yokohama-shi that many of you visits based on asking for self-restraint of going out in usual area, it should be prohibition until Wednesday, May 6 unless "emergency declaration" about new coronavirus infectious disease is announced and is necessary for maintenance of life of citizen's all of you.
 The shore is the outdoors, but prohibits to look after life and life of citizen's because we have clamming visit many people in usual, and it is assumed that it is in "crowd place where majorities gather" "closeness scene which is, does conversation and utterance".
 In addition, about Nojimakoen area, we prohibit that we get over fence which we installed on the building a breakwater to enter sandy beach. 


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