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About service by the route bus schedule change in ward (new coronavirus infection prophylaxis)

Last update date April 10, 2020

For the new coronavirus infection prevention, there is diamond change in the motor carrier operating bus route in ward.
As for the details of target bus route and service diamond, please see "announcement" of notice at homepage of each motor carrier and each bus stop.

Keikyu bus

About "general route bus service accompanied with influence of new coronavirus" (the outside site)

  • Between Thursday, April 16 and facing between Thursday, April 16 (partly until May 6)
  • We change diamond of with a part of the route bus in ward

Keikyu bus homepage (the outside site)

Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu

About "change to holiday diagram of Saturday" (the outside site)

  • Between Saturday, April 4 and facing between Saturday, April 4
  • All route buses

Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu homepage (the outside site)

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