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Flower tulip sketch painting exhibition of ward

Last update date July 8, 2019

Flower tulip sketch painting exhibition (2019) work introduction of the 29th ward

All of elementary school student of board school in ward sketched flower, tulip of ward, and 4,353 points of masterpieces gathered. We introduce work of "Director General prize" that carries out examination committee, and was chosen "prize that we bring up, and humming ♪ kana is heated" "Kanagawa Ward elementary school award for excellence" "tortoise Taro Prize".

Director General prize

Nakamaru Elementary School two years Akane Maeda (maedaakane)

South Kandaiji Elementary School 3 nen髙den*ma (takadatakuma)

Sugeta elementary school six years original greens month (haranatsuki)

We bring up and hum ♪ Prize to get kana

Nishiterao Elementary School one year Nanoka Takimoto (whether Takimoto)

Koyasu Elementary School two years bow Aina Oka (yumiokaaina)

Hazawa Elementary School five years Hitomi Kaneko (cat eyes)

Kanagawa Ward elementary school award for excellence

Big mouth stand elementary school 2 nenhenkai*kuu (katagairea)

Ikegami Elementary School 6 neneiokaho*ko (faint Nagaoka)

Tortoise Taro Prize

Urashima Elementary School two years Rena Matsuoka (pine is placed ordinary)

Shin-kyo Bridge Elementary School two years Daisuke Shibata (shibatadaisuke)

Kandaiji Elementary School two years Shiki Sugawara (we spread Sugawara)

Shirohata Elementary School two years Sho Kikkawa (we carry Yoshikawa)

Nitani Elementary School two years Seki greens beauty (cough Nanami)

Mitsuzawa Elementary School 2 nenzenheiryuma (zendairaryoma)

Kougaya Elementary School four years Shiho Ito (itoushiho)

It is Chizuru Koizumi (koizumichizuru) for Saito for elementary school five years

Kanagawa Elementary School six years Shimada leaf (shimadayo)

Nishiterao second Elementary School six years Ibuki Ando (Ibuki that how about bean jam)

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