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Mascot mark emblem of Kanagawa Ward

Last update date November 29, 2018

Mascot "tortoise Taro" of Kanagawa Ward caption
For tortoise of "Taro Urashima legend" to remain in Kanagawa Ward, we established in 1983 (Showa 58). (the right)
And we reach the 25th anniversary from birth, and it is new, and "tortoise Taro" plays an active part! (the left)

Kanagawa Ward mascot mark "tortoise Taro"

Mascot "tortoise Taro" of old Kanagawa Ward

Emblem caption of Kanagawa Ward
Because we designed letter of "ka" of Kanagawa in motif,
We established in 1981 (Showa 56).

Emblem of Kanagawa Ward

☆We introduce "tree of ward" of Kanagawa Ward and "flower of ward".

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