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Flower of tree, ward of ward

Last update date November 29, 2018

Ward that is full of expressions having "hill" "green" "the sea"

Position of Kanagawa Ward

Kanagawa Ward engraves plateau, this which almost show big expanse located at the center of city into arborization, and it is from lengthening inland low land, the coast low land which is approximately distributed over the north and south into long pieces and reclaimed land of seaside part, and "green" is ward where expression to have "hill" is rich in "the sea" having area of the city ninth.

Tree of Kanagawa Ward "fist"

Image of tree of Kanagawa Ward "fist"

Flower "tulip" of Kanagawa Ward

Image of flower "tulip" of Kanagawa Ward

We established based on vote of inhabitants of a ward in commemoration of the municipal administration 100th anniversary of the 60th anniversary of the administration of a ward in 1988 (Showa 63).

☆We introduce "emblem" with "mascot tortoise Taro" of Kanagawa Ward.

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Telephone: 045-411-7021

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