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History of Kanagawa Ward

Last update date March 13, 2019

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Origin of the Kanagawa place name

Is origin of the name of "Kanagawa" ...?

There are some theories and does not know truth....
Small flow that flowed through the ward in the old days was called "the top no river" (kaminashigawa).
That always dries up and drifts only just a little. As we did not understand the water source slightly, it was called "river without upper" (chew). It is story that that abbreviates two characters of "mi" "shi" gradually, and came to say "kana river".
In addition, we prepared for sailing in seaside citron ka ura of current Kanagawa when Yamato Takeru (good at with mountain thing) proceeded to the east. There was "the top no river" (kaminashigawa). We named this ground Kanagawa (Kanagawa) then as gold was brilliant, and Grass-Mowing Sword which we had from Japan princess (we hide with mountain) was reflected in river water of lever. Afterwards, time changes, and Yoritomo Minamoto praises beautiful scenery of this Kanagawa (Kanagawa), "it is said that <money> controls west direction, but the west hits upper (chew), and hit imperial palace (the koujo = capital, place where emperor lives). This does <show very much> for character of "na" saying, is the ground showing God very much, and Kanagawa → shindaijikawa → It is story that assumed Kanagawa Kanagawa in what should assume Kanagawa from time.
Besides, the "shinnakawa" "Kano River" "river" "kana river" and thing written down are in ancient documents.

 [the reference source: Kanagawa Ward magazine others]

Taro Urashima legend

Taro Urashima was in Kanagawa?

People called Urashima tayu in Mizue lived in village of country Miura of Sagami. Tayu proceeded to country of Tango for work for a long time. When Taro of the child appeared in the sea all day long and returned, we helped tortoise tormented on the beach by child and others. Taro was with to tortoise which we saved and went to "the Dragon's Palace" and received princess of the Dragon Palace-like service. Time of three years flowed through time passing among dreams gradually.
After saying goodbye to parents longing, princess of the Dragon Palace regretted parting and gave Taro Urashima's box and Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva. For Taro who stepped on soil of hometown, it was only thing all the things unknown thing to see which heard. White smoke came out of the inside, and it was to old man of white hair when we opened this Urashima's box at last. When three years and one which we thought of heard that, in fact, parents were already buried on peak of country Shirohata of Musashi not people in world for 300 years and asked, we lined up in the way that two gravestones were lonely.
Taro tied up hermitage besides grave and enshrined Bodhisattva statue and prayed for parents, but, in view on this hermitage ganochino happy longevity temple, was called popular name "urashimadera". View happy longevity temple becomes abandoned temple in 1872, and Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva statue is enshrined in keiunji now.
In addition, there are rest-in-peace pagoda of Urashima tayu, Taro father and son and monument of Kamezuka in the lotus method temple of Urashimaoka.
In addition, as it is said that river which flowed through Nanatsujima and boundary with authority of big mouth is river where Taro Urashima washed the hands, there is monument of clearing out of river to authority of big mouth, and there is well where Taro washed his hands at authority of Koyasu 1.

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