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About quantity of asbestos floating findings of Kanagawa public hall

Last update date March 3, 2019

The asbestos measures situation of public building

About facility considered to be "facility which did not need measures for the time being" by fact-finding "facility which enclosed, and was in a state,"
In the year, we carry in principle out the quantity of floating measurement and perform maintenance appropriately and decide to carry out measures in total at the time of facility repair.
About facility to have jurisdiction over in our section, we report quantity of floating result of a measurement according to the following table.

Facility which encloses, and is in a state
The location wardFacility nameRoom nameThe blowing situation
Kanagawa WardKanagawa public hallLobby, stage, the outside, garretAll in the ceiling
Quantity of asbestos floating of Kanagawa public hall (explanatory note 1)
The measurement timeRoom nameResult of a measurement (this /L)The fixed-quantity lower limit level (explanatory note 2)
July, 2015LobbyLess than 0.30.3
July, 2015StageLess than 0.30.3
July, 2015The outsideLess than 0.30.3
July, 2015GarretLess than 0.30.3

Remarks: Use place is sealed up in in the ceiling and blowing materials are relatively noxious low chrysotile (2% of one place of amosite with content less than about 5%), and will carry in principle out the floating quantity measurement in future in the year and perform maintenance appropriately, and "facility which encloses, and is in a state" is facility carrying out measures at the time of facility repair in total.
Explanatory note 1: "Asbestos levels in general environment of world urban area are 1-10/liter" (in 1 liter of atmosphere around 1-10 fiber), and, about quantity of asbestos floating, according to the insurance report of WHO (the World Health Organization), it is listed that we cannot find influence on health if it is this degree.
Explanatory note 2: It is number that the measurement organization set on measuring, and there is difference for each engine.
It is this about asbestos measures of Yokohama-shi

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