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Waste and Recycling

Final update date October 1, 2019

There are many mistakes in the city code [411] and [441]!
When calling, please check your Phone number once again and make a phone call so that you do not make a mistake.

The Kanagawa Ward City Office conducts a “My Town Kanagawa Manner Violation Operation” every year, in which inhabitants of the ward, companies and the government clean litter and take measures against abandoned bicycles and illegal parking.

Please see Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau website "Kanagawa Ward collection day (outside site) about collection day of accumulation place in Kanagawa Ward collection day.
About separation, reduction of garbage, we plan enlightenment.
※About collection day of recycle paper local recyclables collection collection date isused cloth collection date.
Specifically, please confirm in "collection day seal" of home collection site for details.

household waste

Business waste

To apply, please go to Oversized Garbage Reception Center
Please see Oversized Garbage Reception Center (Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau page to apply for the application.

Reception hours: From Monday to Saturday (including holidays) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

※Calls are crowded in the morning of Mondays and Tuesdays and the day after holidays.
Please call me in time.
In addition, applications for oversized garbage City for cleaning up at the end of the year and moving in February and March.
Please apply as soon as possible.
How to apply via the Internet
Please see the Internet reception page (open all year round) (outside site).

We will cooperate with related organizations such as Public Works Office, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau and other related organizations to deal with illegally dumped items on public roads.
Illegal dumping is a crime. Let's make it in a clean city that does not allow illegal dumping.

Yokohama City Initiatives

The Yokohama G30 Plan has set a goal of reducing the amount of waste in fiscal 2010 by 30% compared to fiscal 2001, working with citizens and businesses to separate and recycle, and achieving the target five years ahead of schedule.
Further evolving this success, the new plan “Yokohama 3R Dream (Slim) Plan” will reduce the total amount of waste and resources by more than 3% in FY2013 and more than 10% in FY2025 based on FY2009. In addition, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal by more than 10% in FY2013 and more than 50% in FY2025.

Kanagawa Ward Initiatives

We will promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) based on the 3R Dream Plan.
3R Dream Plan Brochure (PDF: 1,310KB)

Reduce: Reduce garbage itself

Use my chopsticks, my bag, my bottle, etc.
Refuse unnecessary shopping bags. Buy what you need when you need it.

Reuse: Reuse "Reuse many times"

Choose something you can use for a long time and reduce unnecessary things.

Recycling: Recycle "Changing Recyclables into New Products"

Separate the garbage that has come out correctly and make it a new product resource.

There is an environmental business promotion committee in your town!

The Environmental Business Promotion Committee is commissioned by a mayor based on recommendations from Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Associations to promote the 3R activities of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for dewarming in the area and the beautification of the town. .
It plays a role of a leader who keeps the area clean and promotes garbage separation and resource recycling. In the Yokohama 3R Dream, we are promoting "reduce (reduce generation)" in particular, and are working on 3R activities to reduce global warming by reducing waste in the area.

Support for local beautification activities

Yokohama City provides assistance such as lending and providing cleaning tools and collecting garbage from community cleaning.
Please talk with ward office Regional Promotion Division office, pleaseResources and Waste Recycling Bureau, please consult.

Smoking Prohibition Area in Yokohama City (Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau page
In Kanagawa Ward has designated JR Higashi-Kanagawa Station and Nakakido Station in Keihinkyuko Line's prohibited area. (Designated March 2009)


  • Designated smoking prohibited areas

In beautification promotion important point district, we appoint district where it is admitted that it is necessary to prohibit smoking in outdoor public place as smoking prohibition district.
In addition, this "smoking" includes "to smoke" and "to have a lit cigarette".

  • Penalties for violators

Violators in smoking prohibited areas will be punished (a fine of 2,000 yen).

Reusable furniture

The Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Kanagawa Office is promoting reduce (reduce generation) in the “Yokohama 3R Dream (Slim) Plan” and is promoting initiatives to reduce the amount of waste and recyclables discharged. Therefore, we always display what we can still use from furniture issued as oversized garbage City at the Kanagawa Office, and has established "Reusable Furniture" to provide it to citizens free of charge.
Reusable furniture 
For more information, go to Kanagawa Office in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

Reuse Bunko

Bring a book that you no longer need at home and provide it to citizens free of charge.
It is established at Kanagawa Library, Kanagawa Ward Office, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Office.
For more information, go to City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau page for more information.

Reuse tableware

Tableware that can be washed and used repeatedly.
In events that provide food and drink, instead of disposable containers,
By using it, you can reduce the amount of garbage from events.
For more information, go to City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau page for more information.

To frequently asked questions page (external site)

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