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Pet measures at the time of disaster

Last update date September 26, 2019

At the time of disasters occurrence such as large-scale earthquakes, it is assumed that we evacuate to evacuation shelter with pet.
For disaster to be caused suddenly, we will usually think about measures for important pet.

Clear statement of owner

Let's attach child's identification card and microchip to be able to look for in confusion at the time of disaster even if lost.
Dog will post dog's license tag and rabies vaccination finished vote.

Of discipline, social nature acquire

It evacuates safely in emergency, and it is important to do basic discipline because we do not trouble other refugees again.
We need practice in carrier bag and cage and will do discipline, "waste does not let you bark" "to sit down" "to wait".

Health care

Let's usually perform rabies vaccination (dog), various vaccine, the extermination of chisel tick.

Preparation for emergency takeout bag for pet

Relief supplies may not arrive immediately. Let's do preparation for 5th even at least.
Example of pet carrying out bag

  • Carrier bag cage
  • Foods, water which is more than for 5th
  • Tableware
  • Everyday medicine
  • Preliminary collar, lead (thing which does not lengthen)
  • Disposal of feces and urine tool
  • It is washing net (in the case of cat)
  • Toy
  • Pet card (photograph, health condition, the vaccination situation of contact information, pet and owner of owner)

We distribute pet card at Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section window.

Security of imprisonment

We will look for relative, imprisonment of pet including friend.

Pet company refuge-response guidelines in Kanagawa Ward evacuation shelter

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