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List of Yokohama nersery rooms in ward

Last update date April 3, 2019

Yokohama nersery room

Yokohama-shi makes constant standard originally at childcare charges, childcare environment, childcare time and we say with "Yokohama nersery room" and authorize facility meeting those standards and are facility which Yokohama-shi supports. It is facility for children under 3, but there is facility accepting children 3 years or older.
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List of nersery rooms in ward

(you call each garden, and, about the details, please confirm.)
The garden nameAddressTelephoneThe nearest stationTemporary childcare
Walnut nursery school18-2, Takashimadai312-5866Tokyu "Tammachi" five minutes, Keikyu "Kanagawa" eight minutesAvailable
Keihin nursery school Pastel28, Nishioguchi421-1142JR "big mouth" eight minutesNone
Iriecho nursery schoolInlet 2-9-18 Nakamura Building431-3110JR "big mouth" five minutes "Shinkoyasu" ten minutesAvailable
Counter in charge
ReferenceChildren and Families Support DivisionThe third floor of the annex 303rd windowTelephone 411-7157
FAX 321-8820

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Kanagawa Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-411-7112

Telephone: 045-411-7112

Fax: 045-321-8820

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