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Important news (please be careful about suspicious calls posing as staff of ward office)

Last update date May 16, 2019

Damage to be swindled out of bank card by suspicious call to tell that bank procedure is necessary to receive refund occurs

  • Give staff of Insurance and Pension Division and "insurance health section" (there is no department called "insurance health section" in ward office.) of Kanagawa Ward government office, "there is refund of non-request, but it is necessary to file in bank counters as did not file by March 31 to receive. At ward office, we cannot do it. Please tell bank account. Please hand bank card. (it is necessary to change.) We seem to talk with ".
  • Damage to hand bank card is given after having already told password.
  • There is no that it returns in bank counters and goes through the procedure. (it is procedure for fund transfer to ask in bank counters.)
  • The staff of ward office calls at home and may not receive bank card.
  • When there was such a doubt telephone, we hang up once, and please consult with ward office or the police.
Contact information when we received suspicious call
Contact information Phone number
Kanagawa Ward Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section Telephone: 045-411-7124
Kanagawa police department Telephone: 045-441-0110

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Kanagawa Ward Health and Welfare Center Insurance and Pension Division

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Telephone: 045-411-7121

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