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Food education course

To pregnant all of you

Last update date September 28, 2020

Do you keep the good "eating habits" of balance in mind every day? Do the eating habits doing health promotion activity in area not review the eating habits for health with member of improvement promotion (under an alias: health mate)? We look forward to your participation.

The dateThe application deadline
1Tuesday, October 27, 2020Monday, October 26
2Friday, November 27, 2020Thursday, November 26

□Venue: Kanagawa Ward government office the second floor of the annex nutrition counselor's office
■Time: From 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (from reception desk 10:00)
□Contents: About the lecture (dietician) "pregnant eating habits"
Demonstration, lecture (health mate) "let's fix kitchen for disaster! And we utilize ... rolling stock -"
■Capacity: 15 people
□Entrance fee: Free of charge
■Eligible people: Pregnant women of Kanagawa Ward residence
□Application: To telephone, FAX or teller directly (Phone: 045-411-7138, FAX, please list 045-316-7877 [full name, contact information])
■Belonging: Child care guidebook "which anything"
◇Ask: Temperature, please have participation to 37.5 degrees or more or ill-conditioned person on that day. In addition, you wear mask, and please participate.

The Kanagawa Ward eating habits with member of improvement promotion society (nickname: Kanagawa Ward health mate)

It is nationwide group performing volunteer activity to spread in health promotion on the basis of the eating habits in slogan in "our health is our kind" in area.
We promote food education and health promotion in object both children and adults toward various generations, and Kanagawa Ward health mate has you cooperate with making of local production for local consumption recipes and breakfast recipes.
The eating habits hold the training course of member of improvement promotion targeting at Kanagawa inhabitants of a ward once a year at Kanagawa Ward government office. ※In Yokohama-shi, we hold the training course equally in ward to live.

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Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section

Telephone: 045-411-7138

Telephone: 045-411-7138

Fax: 045-316-7877

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