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Basic strategy of Izumi Ward "agriculture"

Last update date January 25, 2019

As for the Izumi Ward, the farmland area city first place, the farmhouse number of houses city third place and agriculture become popular very much, and it is local resources that agriculture is valuable. Therefore we devised basic strategy of Izumi Ward "agriculture" in March, 2013 that inhabitant of a ward got close to "agriculture" and widened activity about "agriculture".

Strategic directionality

We aim at supporting agriculture of Izumi Ward by inhabitant of a ward recognizing value of "agriculture", and being concerned with activity of "agriculture".

(1) Reinforcement of promotion to connect "high interest" with "action"

We grasp activity about various agriculture unitarily and send information. In addition, we promote coordinates such as introducing administrative window and affiliate, farmhouse.

(2) We are enriched and strengthen structure of local distribution to support farmhouse from income side

We plan expansion at the purchasing, consumption opportunity of inhabitant of a ward such as PR reinforcement, expansion of direct sale place and local production for local consumption support shop, held support of morning market.

(3) We are enriched and strengthen structure of enno to support aging advancing farmers

By support of enno volunteer group, we promote offer of work force to farmhouse by inhabitant of a ward.

(4) We support setting such as allotments in ward and the use to push forward inflection of not being used farmland

We compile menus such as various types of allotments clearly and do promotion in farmhouse and inhabitant of a ward, affiliate.

About the details

We can download the basic strategic details from the following data.

Basic strategy (PDF: 748KB) of Izumi Ward "agriculture"


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