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Soccer-related event

Last update date February 26, 2020

Business of the 30th anniversary of the Izumi Ward system held "we will go to gull park".
Thank you, all of you who had you participate.

Held summary

○The conduct date and time
From Sunday, November 27, 2016 9:00 to 14:30

○Conduct place
Kanagawa Football Association football center (nickname: gull park)

○The visit number of people
About 2,000 people

○Business outline
Soccer classroom (primary schoolchild-limited, advance reservations system), talk show by former J leaguer, flying disk experience society, bubble soccer (primary schoolchild-limited), kick target, PK championship, kick speed gun, Yokohama F. Marinos formula cheerleading team "torikororumameizu" performance, light sports, hula performance


Please contact us for your inquiries about soccer-related event to the following contact information.

Regional Promotion Division
TEL: 045-800-2391
FAX: 045-800-2507


Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (the third-floor 307th window)
Telephone: 045-800-2331
FAX: 045-800-2505

Inquiry to this page

Izumi Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-800-2337

Telephone: 045-800-2337

Fax: 045-800-2506

E-Mail address [email protected]

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