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Collection of materials of Izumi Ward walk

Last update date February 5, 2020

Publication contents are things at the time of making. Please note that content may be different now.

Attractive discovery Izumi Ward walk guide

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"Walking to enjoy" town while circulating through historic spot, temple, Shinto shrine, cultural assets of Izumi Ward!
We enjoy "delicious Izumi Ward" if we drop in at direct sale place and orchard of Chisan.
Do you not realize "blessings of nature" and "charm of Izumi Ward" on foot?

Izumi Ward walk map, Izumi Ward short promenade

We provide in Portable Document Format. (2013 making)

Izumi Ward walk map

Along Kamakura way(PDF: 488KB)

Along large mountain path(PDF: 259KB)

Along Izumi River(PDF: 502KB)
Izumi Ward short promenade

Izumi Ward short walk way 1 Ryokuen-Toshi Station - Yayoidai Station(PDF: 250KB)

Izumi Ward short walk way 2 Odoriba Station - Tateba Station(PDF: 272KB)

Sightseeing map for GIS

We published sightseeing map of Izumi Ward which local information community "yokohamappu" by GIS (geographical information system) saw in Web.

Promenade of water and green and history

Izumi Ward walk guide issued revision in November, 2016 publishes contents of "promenade of water and green and history" to have you experience various charm, area resources of Izumi Ward while walking when Izumi Ward reaches (2016) of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system. Do you not go for walk to look for charm in ward including rich nature culture, history of Izumi Ward? (2016 revision)

List of courses
1 courseKamakura way, course where is related to Nichiren
Visit ... Kamiiida ancient way and historic spot; and ...
Izumi-Chuo Station - Kamiiida garageAbout 5.1km
2 courseMother, hoshinoya way course of eyelids
... which walks way of quiet pilgrimage in northern ... Izumi River
Izumi-Chuo Station - Izumino StationAbout 6.0km
3 courseThe Goro Iidas justice course
Taste of ... Shimoiida ancient morality is ... to the left ground
Izumi-Chuo Station - Yumegaoka StationAbout 4.6km
4 coursesenshojiroshinko, lord grave, Four Devas forest course
... Kawaminami, Izumi part water and green large panorama and visiting parks ...
Izumi-Chuo Station - Yumegaoka StationAbout 6.7km
5 courseKabuki flower Juro, chancre Inari shrine course
Look at Fuji from ... Izumi, Yayoidai plateau spreading out; and ...
Izumi-Chuo Station - Yayoidai StationAbout 3.7km
6 courseWay course of gate of a tenement house style, busokokukyo
... which goes the arrangement of houses and city of the future of valley traditional culture of ... Shimbashi, Ryokuen, pond
Yayoidai Station - Ryokuen-Toshi StationAbout 5.7km
7 courseLarge mountain path, Mahoroba, Okazu way course
Ancient morality of ... Katsurazaka, Okazu, Ryokuen past event and harmony ... of new cityscape
Yayoidai Station - Ryokuen-Toshi StationAbout 7.5km
8 courseMuraoka River (Udagawa) source, Yasumasa Ishimaki course
Follow ... Nakatakita, east reign, trace of culture in cityscape; and ...
Tateba Station - Nakada StationAbout 5.2km
9 courseForest course of mountain god company, carp ka Kubo contact
Green oasis ... in residential area where ... Minami Nakata is quiet
Nakada Station - Odoriba StationAbout 3.9km
10 coursekabata bridge, old Fukaya communication place ruins course
Look at Oyama from visiting bridges of the name and very large grassy plain in ... Nakatanishi, lower Izumi calendar month; and ...
Tateba Station - Yumegaoka StationAbout 5.7km

(booklet version) Promenade cover image of water and green and history

・10 course sets recommended walk course
・It is with photograph and introduces about 100 highlight in total
・Restrooms on course display, too
・We introduce the names of fish and chicken seen around walking column and old tale, ancient morality, history, Izumi Ward of Izumi Ward
※Specifications: A4 seal full color, 28 pages (we include cover, back cover)
※Distribution for booklet was finished.
Downloading (the outside site) for PDF look at link.

Izumi Ward ancient morality walk map

We ran class throughout the life to provide opportunity of various lifelong learning to inhabitants of a ward in Izumi Ward. The result born by activity of one "ancient morality investigation society" in class throughout the life is Izumi Ward ancient morality walk map. (2000 making)

※Please note that you cannot reply at the following reference for more information about origin, history.

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