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2019 Izumi Ward administration policy

Last update date May 1, 2019

Basic aim

Izumi Ward which appears of spring administration of a ward inhabitant of a ward of sympathy and trust and spirit to arrange

Approach, measure for accomplishment

We meet trust of inhabitants of a ward!

We act for appropriate paperwork and appropriate system operation so that family register, insurance pension , many procedures including life support are pushed forward in peace to support living of inhabitants of a ward and act for promotion of each business, security of resources.

With inhabitants of a ward, we make appearing Izumi Ward of spirit!

・As for the Izumi Ward, local action by Neighborhood Association, group is very prosperous. We make use of this strength and develop each approach.
・In the Izumi Ward, aging rapid progress is anticipated. So that local action is introduced into the next generation,
We work on upbringing support of leading figure.
・We dissolve domiciliation, transference promotion, local power support, disaster prevention measures, hierarchy of duties including local inclusion care promotion, and Izumi Ward works across frame between belonging transversely.

The making of 1 attractive Izumi Ward

It is chosen as young generation and aims at attractive Izumi Ward which it is wanted to continue living in and sends charm of Izumi Ward widely and pushes forward town development that we made use of area characteristics of Izumi Ward of agriculture and traditional culture only by Izumi Ward, former Fukaya communication place ruins in.

Town development to spread of 2 local actions

We run local meeting and make use of local voice in measure. In addition, we work on activity support and leading figure support for continuation, improvement of local action including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and multicultural symbiosis, sports and promote the making of local connection.

3 security, reliable town development

We promote approaches such as security of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures such as leading figure support of maintenance, reinforcement and area disaster prevention of the disaster prevention system, anti-crime program, road safety measures, meal and living so that inhabitant of a ward can live in peace safely.

Town development of 4 health and welfare

In cooperation with area, we work on promotion and health promotion of local inclusion care, support of elderly person, person with a disability to be able to live in area that lived so long forever well and promote community development which anyone can live for in peace.

Town development that is easy to have 5 child care

Child care is possible in peace in area, child care support by not only support before childbirth but also collaboration, cooperation with child-care facility, regional society push forward disseminating information.

6 making of trusted imminent ward office

Through information by environmental maintenance and inhabitant of a ward volunteer for ward government building, we push forward the making of ward office where inhabitant of a ward is easy to use and is easy to get close to. In addition, we provide various information precisely and, for inhabitant of a ward, send.

Organization administration for accomplishment

The administration of a ward of sympathy and trust

We meet trust of inhabitant of a ward, social request and take opinion well and work with "heart of hospitality".

Cooperation with local all of you

While Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is local leading figure assumes cooperation with various places or school, office of various groups base, we work on better community development together.

Display of power that each staff has

Each staff deals with duties while realizing work-life balance while having feeling of strain and critical mind.

We promote the administration of a ward in team spring

We do with the good workplace of ventilation that we can share information and problem, aim and learn and bring up and gather wisdom and techniques of each organization and type of job and cope with various problems by team.


※As for the details such as main approach, business, please see the following "2019 Izumi Ward administration policy".
2019 Izumi Ward administration policy (PDF: 666KB)

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