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2016 Izumi Ward administration policy

Last update date January 11, 2019

Basic aim

The making of appearing Izumi Ward of inhabitant of a ward and spring administration of a ward spirit to walk

Measure for accomplishment

Support of 1 local action

We push forward support of approach for solution to administration of local meeting and local problem by district executive committee. In addition, we support Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and sports, local action that we included multicultural symbiosis in and promote the making of local connection.

2 security, reliable town development

We promote approaches such as security of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures such as spread of fire preventive measures in wooden densely populated area, anti-crime program, road safety measures, meal and living so that inhabitants of a ward can live in peace safely.

The making of leading figure of 3 next generation

Child care is possible and supports area child care by collaboration with nursery school or kindergarten in peace in area and, by cooperation with local group and related organizations, pushes forward approach for information sharing and problem solution about child care. In addition, we promote the making of place of exchange of local child with young healthy upbringing that school, home, area cooperated.

Town development of 4 health and welfare

Town development of 4 health and welfare

We promote the third community-based welfare health planning while collaborating with local resident or related organizations so that anyone can live in area that lived so long in good health. In addition, we push forward construction of "area inclusion care system" providing medical care, care, the prevention, life support integrally while making use of characteristic of Izumi Ward.

Town development in consideration for five wards of local characteristics and environment

We push forward town development that we made use of water only by Izumi Ward and local characteristics such as green, agriculture or traditional culture in and promote approach at area and home for de-warming action and garbage reduction. In addition, we push forward maintenance, maintenances such as conduct of business in commemoration of the constituency system 30th anniversary or road, park, the sewer.

6 making of trusted imminent ward office

We push forward the making of ward office which it is easy to use through guidance by precise window reception and inhabitant of a ward volunteer to person from next agency. In addition, we provide various information appropriately and send to inhabitants of a ward.

Organization administration for accomplishment

The administration of a ward of 1 sympathy and trust

We take opinion well to be able to receive "sympathy and trust" from inhabitants of a ward and provide sincere, certain service with "heart of hospitality".

Cooperation with all of you of 2 areas

While Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is local leading figure assumes various groups committee members and cooperation with school, office base, with local, we work on better community development.

Problem correspondence utilizing 3 teams power

We push forward the making of good workplace of ventilation that information and problem, aim can share and gather wisdom and techniques of each organization and type of job and we utilize team and cope with various problems.

Display of power that each 4 staff has

While each staff has feeling of strain and critical mind, we deal with duties. In addition, we push forward review of way of working, duties so that each ability is shown to the maximum as ward office.

Reference main business, approach

Support of 1 local action
Business name Contents
<ward> "Local administration of the local main constituent" promotion business
<station> "Community development college" of collaboration business
  • Activity support of "district executive committee", administration support of "Izumi Ward area meeting"
  • Leading figure upbringing lecture of local action by civic collaboration with groups "Izumi Ward machizukurimirai cram school
<ward> Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations promotion business
<station> Local action promotion costs subsidy grant business
  • Conduct of "local action leading figure upbringing" for next officers of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations workshop
  • Part furtherance of expenses such as environmental beautification that Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations carries out, disaster prevention, anti-crime program activity
<ward> Inhabitant of a ward activity support center business
  • Support of reporting, consultation and local action of local action, lifelong learning
  • Holding of the making of opportunity and inhabitant of a ward activity support course of participation in planning to local action
<ward> Multicultural symbiosis business
  • By multiple languages disseminate information, and support, and communicate, and volunteer guide courses are supported Japanese learning
  • The foreign family register supports inhabitant of a ward child care

2 security, reliable town development
Business name Contents
<ward> Disaster prevention measures business [emphasis]
<station> Disaster tower support project required
  • Conduct such as deployment of keikahan pump to evacuation shelter and training in area
  • Maintenance of disaster prevention portal site providing disaster prevention, disaster information to inhabitant of a ward appropriately
  • Support of approach of assisting in everyday area for tower having difficulty in own strength evacuation required

<ward> Anti-crime program measures business

  • Support of anti-crime program activity by the whole area where area, group, company, related organizations cooperated
  • Support of safety measures of child such as the purchase assistance of personal alarm for new entrance to school elementary school student
<station> Steel tube Paul LED crime prevention light ESCO business
  • We update steel tube Paul crime prevention light to LED crime prevention light
<ward> Road safety measures business
  • It is approach of accident prevention of elderly person children such as holding of road safety class
  • Approach of road safety measures such as bicycle manner up enlightenment
<ward> Security, animal protection promotion business of "meal and living"
  • Conduct of holding (November) and home delivery of cooked foods hygiene class of food poisoning preventive enlightenment campaign
  • Method of teaching manners classroom and Be-Kind-to-Animals Week business (September) of dog

The making of leading figure of 3 next generation
Business name Contents
<ward> Izumi native child care support project
  • Support of child care salon, parent and child circle and holding of child care network Network
<ward> Rearer support business
  • Early detection of childcare anxiety to the mother and the child visit business, early correspondence
<station> Child abuse prevention enlightenment regional alliances business
  • Holding of conduct and protection elementary school student measures meeting of enlightenment business required
<ward> Child care support promotion business by collaboration with child-care facility, kindergarten
  • Holding (September) of event "Izumi native open space" performing offers of child care support information by collaboration with each facility
  • Careful entrance support to child-care facilities by inflection of business trip consultation and website, booklet
<ward> Town development business to bring up the young people
  • We carry out interchange support to children in district centers in ward
<station> Combined elementary and junior high school maintenance business
  • Conduct of basic design for setting of Ryokuen district combined elementary and junior high school (tentative name)

Town development of 4 health and welfare
Business name Contents
<ward> Health promotion activity support project [emphasis]
  • Holding of healthy walking course, enlightenment business of cancer screening
  • Enlightenment business of cancer screening

<ward> Healthy longevity promotion business

  • The spread of dementia prevention courses enlightenment by conduct, local personnel training
<ward> Social participation promotion support project of child with a disability, person
  • Contact "za" Izumi light athletic meet held support (May)
  • Sale support of farm products, voluntary product of Izumi Ward product with child with a disability, person facility
<ward> Izumi Ward community-based welfare health planning promotion business
  • Holding of Izumi Ward community-based welfare health promotion meeting, plan promotion event
<station> Community care plaza maintenance business
  • Open (October) of Izumino community care plaza
  • Conduct of investigation for community care plaza maintenance of Ryoke Junior High School sphere
<station> Life support system maintenance business
  • For construction of local inclusion care system, we post "life support coordinator" to ward Council of Social Welfare, community care plaza newly

Town development in consideration for five wards of local characteristics and environment
Business name Contents
<ward> Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Izumi Ward plan revision business
  • It is established discussion, revision Izumi Ward plan in revision plan to council for city planning
<ward> Izumi Ward charm discovery, dispatch business
  • Conduct of smart illuminations
<ward> Business [emphasis] of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system
  • Conduct of commemorative project (ceremonies of the 30th anniversary)
<ward> Old Fukaya communication place ruins utilization business
  • Conduct of management administration that inhabitant of a ward establishes available open space, and is daily
<ward> Izumi culture promotion business
  • Held support (October) of Izumi Ward school festival hosted by culture promotion Committee
  • Preservation, the spread, the succession of traditional culture (drum, musical accompaniment, Izumi Kabuki, Sagami kite)
<station> Maintenance and maintenance promotion (road, river, sewage, park) of facility
  • Conduct of street maintenance, road improvement, river repair, the sewer maintenance, park redevelopment in necessary point in ward

6 making of trusted imminent ward office
Business name Contents
<ward> Improvement in ward office environment business
  • Improvement of inhabitant of a ward service by environmental maintenance or staff training of government building
<ward> Window volunteer business
  • Window guidance, opinion suggestion by inhabitant of a ward volunteer
<ward> Public information business
  • Conduct of issuance for public information Yokohama Izumi Ward and all household distribution
  • Issuance (March) of Izumi Ward life convenience book

Please see the making of unit-related ward promotion costs budget that there is about the making of other wards promotion costs business, approach in 2016.

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