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April, 2020 (Raiwa 2) issue

Last update date April 1, 2020

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As published events may become cancellation, postponement with approach of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, please confirm beforehand.

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Let's go out to nursery school, kindergarten to play (PDF: 785KB)


Take identity verification material for request for report, resident certificate of Address transfer and family register, and premium payment of National Health Insurance is fund transfer! It is Traffic Safety Campaign "periods of" spring of the whole country from, Monday, April 6 to 15th (Wed)! In addition, it is day "aiming at" traffic death zero on Friday, April 10! Meeting (lower Izumi district, Fujimigaoka district) with power sumo wrestler and rice cake of, area (PDF: 1,829KB)


We revised community development which elderly person could spend by local inclusion care system in peace, spring flood hazard map of disaster prevention knowledge! We utilize news from, Izumi Ward elementary school 8 lower Izumi Elementary School, Yokohama 3R dream plan foods drive, and let's reduce food loss! (PDF: 679KB)


Story (PDF: 1,370KB) of important tax to support life of special feature us


News from Izumi Ward government office, "Izumi Ward agriculture support corps" member offer, Izumi Ward agriculture support corps "support farmhouse" offer, elderly person dinner party ... (PDF: 904KB) of town spring - single life that spirit appear


Inhabitant of a ward activity information ayame communication (PDF: 510KB) that we issue child care information, "Izumi Ward life convenience book" and "Izumi Ward life, disaster prevention map", and, hello, rate of Izumi Ward synthesis government building parking lot turns from Izumi Library to

12News (PDF: 28,170KB) from facility
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