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2018 "professional Bono Izumi" held report

In Izumi Ward, there is a lot of various experience and work having skill. In addition, there is group having problem by local action while moving into action for area. Professional Bono Izumi heaps up local action of Izumi Ward while matching doing problem having activity group which wants to plan solution and skill of various experience and job, and aiming at solution of problem of group together!

Last update date March 9, 2020

Update information

We carried out project for Miyanomae terrace PR on May 29, 2019 [held report].
We hold professional Bono Izumi for Miyanomae terrace PR on March 30, 2019! (@ Miyanomae terrace)
We finished recruitment of supporters for Miyanomae terrace PR on February 27, 2019.
It recruits supporters participating in project on February 14, 2019.
It recruits "group with problem that wants to be settled" and "professional Bono supporters" in November, 2018.

What is professional Bono?

Professional Bono is Latin, "it is for public good". It is structure of new volunteer making use of skill that we got in work for social community-like purpose.

With professional Bono
proforFor -
bonogoodGood is good
publicopublicOf the community, the community

As for the keyword of professional Bono, "experience, skill" "team" "goal setting" "is for a limited time"

Experience, skill

Past volunteer and different point are points to solve problem of activity group in "skill of various experience and job" of supporter together. We often ask expert for solution to problem, and expense is almost caused, but professional Bono can expect solution of problem by having you provide experience and skill of supporter in "free" without hanging expense. Area participates in your expertise, and supporter can do local contribution.


1 individual does not support 1 group, and individual with various skills becomes team, and professional Bono works on solution of problem of group.

Goal and setting of period

We talk with team about in group and firstly set goal (result that the group side demands for solution to problem) and period to support.
Volunteer may further feel former "invisible" anxiety "where are you concerned to?" "till when are you concerned?" but professional Bono starts after making those points clear.

Professional Bono Izumi project flow (example)

It may vary according to conduct contents.
Group which wants to solve problemSupporter

1) Application
We apply for "group which wants to solve problem".

1) Application
We apply for "supporter".

2) Support contents' confirmation
We consider whether "problem that wants to be settled" is settled by using professional Bono with the secretariat (Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center).

2) Team formation
At the secretariat (Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center), we organize supporters' experience and team utilized skill.

3) Preinclination
・We submit information which state of activity understands about group to the secretariat.
・We cope with activity visit or event participation if there are any requests from supporter beforehand.

3) Meeting of the new members and preinclination
・We do meeting of the new members in team members.
・We collect information of support group. (materials, homepage and SNS, visit to facility, event participation of group submitted to by group)

4) Kickoff
・We do meeting of the new members in group and supporters.
・We share with supporter while having a question-and-answer session about activities or problem of group and confirm contents wanting you to support.

4) Kickoff
・We do meeting of the new members in team and support group.
・We grasp the current situation of group and confirm support contents while performing questions and answers in response to explanation from support group.

5) Work
・We meet requests of hearing and activity visit as much as possible so that activity of supporter advances smoothly.
・In contact with supporter, we share information such as progress not to be out of contents wanting you to support.

5) Work
・We carry out a necessary activity before goal (result) while carrying out hearing as needed to group, and observing activity.
・Work keeps expertise alive and can go ahead. In addition, we share as much as possible and reduce burden of supporter individual.

6) Goal
・We receive result from supporter.
・We feed back from group to supporter and will submit reports to the secretariat later.

6) Goal
・We submit to support group and suggest result by team.
(we will get feedback from support group later.)

Effect prospective in professional Bono Izumi

All of the groups which want to solve problem

Though we cannot afford to ask expert, is there not problem that wants to be settled?
At first, do you not investigate about the secretariat and possibility of problem solution?
◎We may solve the following "trouble" when we use professional Bono!
・Making of making, group brochure of event flyer
・Group PR such as homepages using WEB
・Pulling in customers method and review of event
・Problem rearranging of group administration
・Making of group administration manual
・Procurement method of activity fund
・・・ nado, please feel free to contact.

All of the request for supporter

Member of society, man of business experience, child care experience, local action experience which overflows in "jimoto love" with "rich experience" and "skill of job!"
We can make use of your power.

Significance of participating as supporter

It may lead to own growth while making use of experience and skill, and making contribution to society.
・We can participate in local contribution in the field good at
・We can enlarge social field of vision
・We can taste sense of accomplishment of project 
・New connection is possible
・We get attractive friend
・We can make use of professional Bono experience in own work and life

Voice of supporter who participated in professional Bono Izumi

・It increased for both oneself and work to have mentioned various ways of thinking and knowledge.
・We got to know attractive people of new business and different age, and network spread.
・People concerned with area gathered and felt that experience to aim at one goal in a short time was interesting.
・By listening to own opinion and different opinion, own way of thinking became flexible.
・We want to participate next time!

Experience and skill and will lead to area

There is person waiting for your experience and skill and will.
・Consulting design copywriter, business, public information, advertisement, WEB utilization 
・Business plan, marketing, the accounting, fund raising, law, language study, interpreter 
・(member of society experience) portable skill
・Person who has experience and child care housekeeping husband, housewife's experience
・Student who is interested in town planning
・We are full of "jimoto love" and want to do something for area! Person who has will called this

Professional Bono Izumi flyer

Article of past professional Bono Izumi

Professional Bono Izumi held report: Professional Bono to NPO corporation shrine nomaesutoro (Miyanomae terrace administration)!

Supporter of *5 PR of Miyanomae terrace

Professional Bono Izumi who went by "daily limitation" this time. He/she performed "preparations for lessons" while supporters actually visiting "Miyanomae terrace" each while holding information sharing utilizing email during about 1-1 or in the middle of a month after expressing participation, and thinking about place to stay function in area.

State of professional Bono Izumi conduct day

The date and time: From 13:30 of Saturday, March 30, 2019 to 16:45

Venue: Multi-generation interchange space Miyanomae terrace (Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku)


[Part 1] Joint ownership (60 minutes) of information and opinion by all the participants
  • Simple self-introduction
  • Based on material of supporter leader making, it is information sharing to here in all the members
  • Questions and answers such as questions that we produced on the information sharing
[Part 2] Talks (125 minutes) only in supporters
[Part 3] From supporter suggestion announcement (all the members participation) for shrine nomaesutoro (ten minutes)

How do talks increase users of Miyanomae terrace which is this support contents?
It was developed lively. Applied to local action and local problem solution in that; is important
A lot of keywords were cited. Specifically,

  • We make device
  • We perform careful follow after event
  • Experience
  • Participation utilized "being able to do it"
  • Faith
  • Value of performing together
  • Self-useful feeling
  • The succession to the next generation.

All these are viewpoints that are necessary in the local action regardless of the generation.
In spite of team which met each other for the first time today, it is like the basis of such a local action
It was power of professional Bono utilized skill of experience and work that some viewpoints came out and was important result.

From the secretariat

  • We carried out business as aim in being able to participate by contents which this professional Bono Izumi sang daily limitation and were easy to work on support contents casually above all, but thing that it was fantastic as result was completed.
  • People whom there was not of relation became "team" triggered by professional Bono Izumi and beat our brains for local activity group and gave ideas to make area better till then. In addition, join "connection" that we got after professional Bono here together for own step-up carefully and will be that it is in cheering party of group which we supported in professional Bono more. We were interested in local various things by participation, and, at this time when we could step forward to the first step to further local action (able to do it), "result invisible to eyes was able to realize, too". These are right "the powerful charm of professional Bono".


"aideason" for Miyanomae terrace PR
※aideason is coined word that combined "marathon" with "idea", and participant discusses to show new idea and we further narrow down idea and brush up.

Contents which want you to support

1. Method (we want to convey thought of operator.) to have you know Miyanomae terrace
2. Method to have child care generation utilize Miyanomae terrace
3. Method (there is parking lot) to have it faces each other toward the distant place and inflect

If even one skill, experience one which we raised comes under, it is welcome!

If even one one comes under, it is welcome! Of course participation with child is OK, too!
・Person who has skills such as public information, copywriter, marketing, investigation, research
・Person who is interested in town planning using Miyanomae terrace
・Person who has experience and child care housekeeping husband, housewife's experience
・Student who is interested in town planning
・Person who thinks, "it is wonderful if there is such a place to stay!" during child care


Daily limitation (we adjust as soon as supporter is selected in schedule.) ※Saturday, March 30, 2019


NPO corporation shrine nomaesutoro
As for corporation information, please see Cabinet Office NPO page. (the outside site)

Thought of Miyanomae terrace

・We have you use from child to elderly person easily as local place to stay and assume this place help of base of local community.
・Everybody becomes the leading role while developing various activities and allows you to feel purpose of life in area.
・By watching Miyanomae Park from Miyanomae terrace, can connect to improvement in manner of use of anti-crime program and park.
・Child care generation and children can have relation with area.
※As for the information of "Miyanomae terrace", please see homepage. (the outside site)

Professional Bono Izumi held report: Izumi Kabuki preservation society (existing Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society) 2018 from April through July

Supporter of *8 "Izumi Kabuki preservation society" with problem that wants to be settled

"Izumi Kabuki preservation meeting" which gives a performance regularly every year in autumn. Gorgeous stage set, wig or apparel of actor can thoroughly enjoy full-scale Kabuki using genuine article.
Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society homepage
Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society Facebook (the outside site)

Two this as for the content that supporter works on by team!

Recruitment of 1 actor, recruitment of staff
Reclamation of distribution channel of two ways bill (performance ticket)

We held supporter prior meeting on Saturday, April 22, 2017! (@ Izumi Ward government office 4AB meeting room)

"Supporter prior meeting" that became the first meeting as team.
We know team member well this time, and information sharing about Izumi Kabuki preservation society is main purpose. After slightly detailed self-introduction, too hot talks were developed than before so that questions to confirmation of contact method by team and group at the present said "the first meeting".
After showing DVD between meetings in the 21st performance of Izumi Kabuki, frank opinion called "... which did not know that we went so in earnest" jumped out.
About support contents, any one having each think about whether you seem to be able to approach is important from own experience and skill. For one month from supporter prior meeting to kickoff meeting, supporter took homework "that "we prepared for tomorrow's lesson" about Izumi Kabuki preservation society and did." to go in future.

We held kickoff meeting on Saturday, May 27, 2017! (@ Izumi Ward government office 4ABC meeting room)

It is four months from professional Bono Izumi briefing session. We reached day of "professional Bono Izumi kickoff" at last.
It became the first meeting of seven people from six people, professional Bono supporter from Izumi Kabuki preservation society on that day.
Purpose of kickoff meeting is to confirm in all the members about the following point.
 ・Both group, supporters get to know well
 ・Aim at goal from now on as one team
 ・Information sharing strikes tasks of Izumi Kabuki preservation society
 ・Set direction that you should go ahead through about support every one-month team from now on
The beginning sat down for gathering around in a circle in all the members and talked about thought of participation in professional Bono Izumi and thought to Izumi Kabuki preservation society.
"Recruitment of actor, staff", team knew including the person in charge of Izumi Kabuki preservation society about each problem called "reclamation of distribution channel of street bill" (performance ticket) next, and talks were performed slowly and carefully.
Finally we sat down for gathering around in a circle in all the members once again and announced directionality of support contents for each team.
Well! It is start of professional Bono Izumi support period for a month!
We contact while having a meeting for each team for this one month, and using email and advance for goal (making of works).

We held result briefing session on Saturday, July 8, 2017! (@ Izumi Ward government office 4AB meeting room)

We had supporters organize team from kickoff meeting for one month and pushed forward activity.
We performed result briefing session that was the collected studies of the activity by two copies of constitution.
[Part 1] Including questions and answers from announcement and suggestion by supporter and Izumi Kabuki preservation society, we performed in 1 team 40 minutes.
[Part 2] All the participants talked about impression that professional Bono Izumi participated in in a ring.
Finally, for Izumi Kabuki preservation society, proposal for problem solution that each team thought about was handed.

Impression that professional Bono Izumi participated in, impression of result briefing session
From Izumi Kabuki preservation society

・We want to carry out from thing taken in for activity.
・We communalized it in all the members whether you reflected point that became the basis of activity some other time and disseminated information of what how, and you had you support about what kind of point and noticed that it was important to open ring of activity of Izumi Kabuki.
・We recognized that a large number of staff and supporters were necessary again to carry out content of proposal.

From supporter

・It participated in this professional Bono, and it was revealed, and it felt that it might be possible for oneself that there was various technique in relation to area.
・As we can feel various views and ways of thinking of team member during activity and were able to have flexibility in own way of thinking, we think that we can make use in future lifestyle.
・It was very good that all the teams could show ideas for similar sense of balance. And it was good that each other's merits appeared.
・We may become professional Bono like Izumi Ward in future. Furthermore, many people gather more and think that professional Bono Izumi becomes "wonderful space".

From visitor

・We observed today's announcement and were able to reconfirm about the most important point on pushing forward local action "what do oneself move into action for?".
・We think that it is property of Izumi Ward that activity to become "nucleus" of local action such as Izumi Kabuki preservation society already exists. People are connected and think such an activity to produce bond.
・For supporter, it feels joy to have taken proposal and thinks that we can reconfirm worth doing of professional Bono.
・We want to pay attention in the future of Izumi Kabuki preservation society.

From the secretariat (Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center)

It was that professional Bono Izumi made with Izumi Kabuki preservation society and all professional Bono supporters by the first approach as Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center business.
It was thing which was connected for solution of problem that activity group which practiced local action had and it was often and, in proposal of supporter, was included in hint of sustained activity not only Izumi Kabuki preservation society.
All of Izumi Kabuki preservation society takes proposal of supporter, and we reconfirm, and suggestion to be able to make use of in performance in this autumn takes in swing return marks of their activities and future directionality and arranges approach after the next fiscal year, approach that long-term examination is necessary and pushes forward examination for conduct.
Time was necessary for result of this "professional Bono effect" "that which "we could reclaim ticket market, and the number of the sale increased" enrolled in actor and the staff" being identified a little more, but Izumi Kabuki preservation fair started new one step we had inhabitants of a ward know treasure of Izumi Ward called "Izumi Kabuki" more and to protect tradition.
We asked supporters for questionnaire and, as well as impression that we participated in, had advice from various viewpoints.

Consideration from questionnaire to supporter

<< experience, skill >>
About viewpoint whether you were able to make use of "skill of work" characterizing professional Bono in, there was answer that we were not able to make use of skill of job other than answer that was contents similar to work. This approach was experience and way of thinking that we cultivated so far of supporters and activity that was concerned, and was made use of in with area than "making use of skill of work".
<< team >>
From satisfaction to collaboration with people who did not get to know if do not participate about crossing team, and having moved into action for goal this time and team activity own; "noticed", and had nitsunagattatosurugo opinion. We think that we had you feel significance of professional Bono performing by "team" in this connection.

Professional Bono Izumi briefing session (January 28, 2017 conduct)

Held summary

[the date and time] From Saturday, January 28, 2017 9:30 to 12:00
[venue] Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4AB meeting room
[the number of the participants] 25 people


Part 1
Professional Bono Izumi fill-in

In significance of participating as explanation, supporter and group of professional Bono, future schedule of professional Bono Izumi, the secretariat explained point (how to determine goal or information sharing in team) of professional Bono Izumi utilization using PowerPoint.

We hear professional Bono experiences from guest

Guest: Person who experienced professional Bono supporter Momoko Takase
We had process before meeting professional Bono, and participating, explanation of concrete support contents to group which was actually engaged as professional Bono, worth doing of professional Bono and point that had a hard time, message for venues tell.
Guest: Use of professional Bono experience group Yoshio Taguchi (NPO corporation Kibogaoka, Yokohama community cafe)
We had introduction of opportunity and business of kibokafe setup, process before current problem leading to use of professional Bono, message toward effect and venues of receiving professional Bono support more tell.

Part 2

Participant, guest became gathering around in a circle and talked in discussion format. After having introduced itself in all the members, we had annoyance on running group talk to participation group. In addition, there was active remark including uneasy point and question to expectation from personal participant to professional Bono Izumi and participating.

Main voice from participant

About opportunity of briefing session participation

・We want to help person who by being able to cooperate with oneself, is in trouble.
・There was blank of work including child care and was not able to catch opportunity of resumption of job, but was going to participate in briefing session as there was feeling that wanted to do contribution to society.
・We thought that we might serve by own knowledge.
・It experiences professional Bono activity, but this is because it thought that it wants to do professional Bono experience in hometown.
・This is because it was interested in contents of professional Bono very much.

About what we participated in briefing session and knew newly, having noticed

・There was new encounter and was fun.
・It was revealed that there was person who wanted to make use of not crowded time and skill.
・We were glad that we knew that there was person of similar thought.
・There were various needs and noticed that methods to support were various.
・People who played an active part in various fields gathered and were moved very much.
・We thought that it was different from everyday volunteer activity in setting goal.
・We think that there is person feeling that hurdle of professional Bono is expensive.
・From person with professional Bono experience, we want to hear more experiences.

The secretariat (from inhabitant of a ward activity support center)

Which "it is said that it was interesting" replied, "we want to try" about professional Bono Izumi and came a lot. In addition, we were glad of a lot of which felt, "there seems to be new discovery" arresting professional Bono Izumi with "new challenge" as the secretariat.
Conversely, work and adjustment with private are difficult, was concerned to anywhere, or there was opinion that it was difficult, but by supporter crossing team, and being concerned with one group, was alone, and judgment told about "good point" that could push forward not to make any what burden concentrated on by briefing session.
There was opinion to "be interesting as it was new approach". For we Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, start of "professional Bono Izumi" is "new challenge". By making participating all of you and "professional Bono Izumi" together, and putting up, pray for local action in Izumi Ward becoming more active. Furthermore, our center will support local action of citizens of Izumi Ward full of jimoto love from now on.


In Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, it was revealed that fantastic synergism was born if matching did which thought that we wanted to do local contribution while group which needed support made use of thing, experience and skill that there was coming a lot to area, the various places carefully through approach of professional Bono. In our center, we dig down structure which will have matching of regional society with inhabitant of a ward with will for local action in future and provide place to be able to make use of "area" of inhabitants of a ward in.


Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center (Izumi Ward the first floor of the government office 104 window)
Phone number 045-800-2393 fax: 045-800-2518
E-Mail address [email protected]

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