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2018 "financing "guide" for local action course" held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time]
From the first Thursday, January 17, 2019 10:00 to 12:30
The second Thursday, January 31, 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00
It is Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4AB meeting room (as for the first, the second)
The first non profit organization (Yokohama-shi designated NPO) representative director Yoshiyuki Takagi
The second E town representative director Tamotsu Saito
[the number of the student attending a lectures]
The first 19
The second 23

Course contents

The first "can apply to my activity for grant" Point necessary for grant application

[lecture and group work]

  • We learned property and type of grant and regarded something as business that "thought, purpose of group" and "purpose, way of thinking on the furtherance side" were equal to.
  • Purpose of activity reconfirmed significance of local action called "the achievement of mission" (mission) not "acquisition of fund".
  • We learned ways of thinking of target business and target group while reading offer essential point.
  • It became pair in two people after the entry to worksheet and, by work to fill in application, shared summary of business that we received purpose and grant of activity and wanted to carry out, conduct effect. Furthermore, student attending a lecture learned difficulty of "telling partner" in "being thinking".
  • More at first, than getting grant we learned that it was necessary to raise possibility of realization what you could solve by the need, background of business and social problem, their activities how.

[guest talk]
Izumi Ward Council of Social Welfare

  • There was explanation about Izumi Ward contact grant.

Urban Development Bureau area town development section

  • Using PowerPoint, we reported three points of next.

(1) Summary and maintenance result of Yokohama-cho building business.
(2) In application to contest, the staff of Urban Development Bureau makes attend from preliminary stage and pushes forward with applicant.
(3) Only maintenance of facility is not purpose and is to aim at activation of local community.

Art to let activity continue without "activity that can sympathize attracting money", and depending on grant for the second

[lecture and group work]

  • We showed example about five places of community cafes in Yokohama-shi and learned style of organization form and business to run, the opening of business preparations, type of revenue model from viewpoint of there being various procurement methods about each setup fund and administration fund and the community business opening of business.
  • Of empathist found, and learned that it was important to think about "visualization" of value using data or photograph being important and social effect that money-giver (empathist) expected from and how to convey to empathist.
  • By group work, student attending a lecture made graph which affected "expenditure" and "income" about own business (activity). We announced each other in group and further shared question or opinion in group announcement altogether afterwards (student attending a lecture without business plan used simulation of experimental project of materials.).

Main voice of student attending a lecture

  • We were able to think about "making use" of grant in various viewpoints by meeting student attending a lecture with various purposes, and doing working together.
  • We were able to understand explanation in basic viewpoint.
  • It was necessary to study from different angles, and there is anxiety to be difficult, but back was pushed for the word "not to be one".
  • We were thinking only about self-fund, but knew that various methods enabled "fund-raising".
  • We realized that it was important to get empathist.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

  • In this course, we were able to learn method of "financing" from various position to student attending a lecture who wanted to begin local action now from grant which had already practiced local action about way of thinking of activity fund which viewpoint of basic knowledge and community business was based on.
  • Theme of this course was "financing", but important point by local action was able to reconfirm whether we should have we told partner, and own activity sympathize with squid.
  • We challenge in spite of difficult theme daringly and, through group work that we announced, think that it increased in process when atmosphere that student attending a lecture threw off the reserve and thing that was able to sense that we have it is and sympathize with friend bodily develop future local action for student attending a lecture.
  • Plan carries out approach that stood on course that put the points for local action support in future as our center and local needs. Furthermore, we further support Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and Store Association as well as individual to raise charm of ward so that attention participates in various position such as companies in ward, and ring of support and collaboration for "connection" of group and company enlarges.

Held guidance ※Offer was finished.

As for the details of held guidance, please see flyer.


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