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2018 "Izumi vegetables de we shoot smartly rice course" held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time] Friday, July 6, 2018 from 10:00 to 12:30

[venue] Izumino community care plaza

Cooperation: Izumi Ward agriculture support corps Izumi Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division

[lecturer] Naoki Tsubaki he

Yokohama Greenpeace's representative director

"Work person of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of local production for local consumption"

[guest] Local young farmers

Yoshimi Yokoyama he

Hideyuki Yazawa he

Shota Yokoyama he

[participant] 33 people

Course contents

[lecturer self-introduction]

[talk session by lecturer and guest]

  • About explanation of seasonal vegetables and local production for local consumption of Izumi Ward
    Comparing the tastes of tomato and Japanese mustard spinach (Naoki Tsubaki)
  • About fruit tree of Izumi Ward (Hideyuki Yazawa)
  • About reliable security of meal (Katsuhiro Yokoyama)
  • About possibility of agriculture of Izumi Ward (Yoshimi Yokoyama)

In lecturer and local farmers, we performed talk session.
At "time without crop, there is invisible work such as the pruning work
Thing because "cultivation methods are different even as for the same tomato taste by farmhouse
We were able to know effort and invention of farmhouse including different thing.
In addition, there is comparing the tastes of tomato and Japanese mustard spinach, too, of various types of tomato
Can hear explanation, good vegetables and fruit of Izumi Ward
We realized again.

[introduction of Izumi Ward agriculture support corps]

Other than the young farmers of guest in Izumi Ward aging carry, and is shorthanded
There are a lot of nadodeo kon rino farmhouses.
Being active where we support farming of the people
It is agriculture support corps.

[recipe introduction and demonstration by lecturer]

Lecturer who is chef of recipe using Izumi vegetables (vegetables of Izumi Ward product)
We demonstrated. We made use of the subject matter of fresh vegetables
We can actually see how to make of easy, stylish recipe in front

Four articles of recipes using Izumi vegetables

  • Omelette of zucchini and edamame
  • Shake salad of tomato
  • Eggplant with white wine compote milk ice
  • Pasta with chilled corn

[the dinner, exchange meeting]

Local farmers has each group enter, too, the dinner, exchange meeting
We performed.
We ask a question toward the local farmhouse, and the dinner advances with peaceful atmosphere,
We tasted taste of everybody "Izumi vegetables".

Main voice of student attending a lecture

  • Various types were even to tomato, and it turned out that it was made effort, and farmers wanted to value vegetables of Izumi Ward.
  • You will do such a plan in future, and please carry out plan that young child care generation can participate in.
  • Izumi Ward realized that it was one of the best agriculture wards again in Yokohama.
    Farmers understood that it was struggled in various ways, and way of thinking for vegetables changed, too.
  • We wanted to eat more "Izumi vegetables". In everyday life, "Izumi vegetables, fruit" was eaten well and thought that we wanted you to fix environment that you could purchase.
  • We think that sampling using fresh vegetables was very good. Local production for local consumption toasts made Izumi Ward.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

This course cooperates with "Izumi Ward agriculture support corps" "ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division", "local production for local consumption of Izumi Ward"
We planned that we deepened judgment about "meal and agriculture" as purpose and held.

"Was able to realize perseverance of farmhouse" by questionnaire after course; by "listening to story of farmhouse and chef
Triggered by this voice course that was able to feel local production for local consumption close more a lot
We might have been able to have you know "effort and invention of lecturer and farmhouse" and "splendor of meal and agriculture of Izumi Ward"
We feel whether there is not.

In addition, by four phases of evaluations, we said "4" (good) and said 80%, "3" (somewhat good)
It was 20%. In incorporating comparing the tastes or demonstration, the dinner of recipe as well as lecture
We think that we might have been able to have you take course happily.

As Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center holds course to support local action in future,
Thank you in advance.

Held guidance  ※Offer was finished.


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