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2018 "Izumi Ward family Festa" held report

Attractive dispatch of Izumi Ward! It is active in Izumi Ward and flocks!

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time, venue]
From Saturday, March 16, 2019 12:00 to half past 14
Nakagawa district center physical education room
[the number of refreshment stand branches]
Where it is active in Izumi Ward: 16 groups
[the number of the visitors]
About 360 people

[sponsorship] Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center
[the cosponsorship] Nakagawa district center

Event summary

[main stage]

  • Steel drum performance by Michael Robinson

We performed steel drum performance by "Michael Robinson" that it was active in Izumi Ward.

We performed collaboration with kids dance circle and swelled very much.

  • Kids dance circle

Kids jazz hip-hop HR Dance Garden



In substage, we performed experience-based corner that could participate in parent and child.

  • Beautiful pelvic yoga
  • Parent and child happy eurhythmics


  • Display of wall surface art and chalk art

In front of work display of chalk art worked on in Izumi Ward and photocorner
It is corner where photograph comes out freely.

  • Bed art

We made with "cloth toy" which registration group "Izumi cloth omochagurupu" of person fortune bank made
 It is corner of "bed art".

[workshop corner]

  • The name rosette, photoscrap booking, bill art, baby massage, hand massage, work, origami

[handmade sale]

  • Shiruko, homemade bread with handmade accessories, poseratsu work, deko rice cake

Voice of person from branch

  • It was the first holding, but it was good to participate. In addition, we want to participate.
  • As there was not very that so young families gathered, we thought that it was great.
  • As it had been over in no time, we thought that we wanted you to hold at longer time.
  • I wanted announcement which place you did thing of what kind of contents at.
  • We are glad when you can unify amounts of money of sale and workshop.
  • We thought that we wanted you to devise line of flow of venue a little more.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

This event tying "and group worked on in Izumi Ward" and "child care generation" in cooperation with Nakagawa district center,
We held for the purpose of "sending charm of Izumi Ward".

Having gathered a lot in child care generation that 30s, 40s accounted for approximately 84% of visitors and intended for this time
We think that it is big result.

In addition, it "was worked lively and, by questionnaire of visitors, thought that it was fantastic" on seeing people who worked
We were able to have opinion "that felt that Izumi Ward was easy to have child care".

There was reflection point in various ways, but it could be finished without accidents safely and was made a study good at all.
As, in Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will hold course and event to support local action from now on
Thank you in advance.

Held guidance ※Offer was finished.


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