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2018 "skill in communication course to learn from skill of laughter" held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time] Tuesday, October 23, 2018 10:00-12:00
[venue] Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4D meeting room
[lecturer] Human rice Dix shodenjukukoshi

 Tomoyuki Asebo

[participant] 36 people

Course contents

"Everybody! Is the making of atmosphere to be funny before being going to be ridiculous done?"
"Sense" and two factors of "skill" are necessary for laughter.
And it is possible for anyone to wear "skill" depending on effort.
1 paid attention to three items of the making of reaction 3 greetings 2 from this "skill" in this course with opportunity of tsukami & conversation.
Participant became next and pair and we practiced while taking communication and trained.

  • About "expression" and "speech"


  • About difference in impression that speaker of "few time" receives reaction of listener "once"
  • Being "important signature that reaction hears your story"

[the making of opportunity of tsukami & conversation]

  • About point of tsukami where one step gets into in heart of partner
  • About opportunity (we praise partner) to enjoy conversation

Main voice of student attending a lecture

  • Story was plain, and experiences were handed down very much. A lot of practice was fun, too.
  • We thought that it became fun when we took in for group activity.
  • It was what we understood with head, but was able to actually try.
  • We were going to practice in house.
  • We thought that it was very difficult.
  • As the making of atmosphere was weak point, we served as a reference very much.
  • We felt that "effort to come to like partner" was important.
  • We keenly realized that it was necessary to be considerate of partner each other, and to talk in usual conversation.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

We held course under the theme of "communication" for the first of local action practice course. It plans facilitation of communication with people, and it is important to raise communicative competence. There were few opportunities to learn know-how of the communication, and state that many participants felt that it was difficult to learn was able to call.
When communication becomes active, good human relations are born and think that it leads to active group activity. We pray all of the students that home or community want you to make use of "skill of laughter" that you learned in this course in various scenes.

Held guidance ※Offer was finished.

Held guide look at this flyer (PDF: 964KB).


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