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2018 "safe power-up course for adult" held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time]    
Friday, September 14, 2018 from 10:00 to 12:00
Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4ABC meeting room
Nobuhiko Takeda he
The patrol classroom sponsorship, safe instructor of rabbit mom
30 people

Course contents

 About "Izumi Ward anti-crime program map" (spring police department )

We heard precautions about security of Izumi Ward from person of spring police department while looking at "anti-crime program map".
Examples that occurred in area could call and, about security, were contents which could feel very close.

"Intellect is advantageous! Safe power-up course for adult (lecturer: Nobuhiko Takeda)

  • Part 1 lecture: "Security power up!"

While seeing projector and material than Takeda of lecturer, "preventive power" explanation of "coping power" "have citizen; safely" 
We heard story that we were assigned to this.

  • Part 2 workshop: Simple exercise "method to get away from danger smoothly" 

Sense of distance with people is important to get away from danger. 
Using thing which rounded (about 80 centimeters) for one piece of newspaper to sense the sense of distance bodily,
We learned various movement by simple exercise. In addition, we learned arts to evade to evade danger.

Main voice of student attending a lecture

  • It was concerned that cooperation with local people who could not do it with one oneself was important and was able to learn.
  • Of child saw, and performed defense, but after feeling with difficulty for correspondence, felt like having solved by having attended this course.
  • It thought that citizen can do nothing in particular, but it is important that citizen each one makes criminal environment where it is hard to be angry at!
    We remembered that this was talked about very much.
  • There were various kinds of safe courses, but were plain as it was story from true experience than on desk idea of scholar.
  • Talk of lecturer was relief and was contents which were useful for practice. Story from police department was very useful, too.


From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

This course can participate in citizens under the theme of "relief, security possible close"
We planned as course and held.
By incorporating workshop as well as lecture this time, became course that we could sense bodily although being a pleasure.
We were born, and conversation was finished with peaceful atmosphere through people, workshop of the first meeting, too.

Of lecturer "is common theme beyond generation "to be safe", and have "power to tie" toward people and the area"
The word called this was very impressive.

When, triggered by this course, "ring of security, security" spreads even little by little and is "town where Izumi Ward is easy to live"
We think that you can feel toward the area.
As Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center holds course to support local action in future,
Thank you in advance.

Held guidance ※Offer was finished.

As for the details of held guidance, please see flyer.
Intellect is advantageous! Safe power-up course (PDF: 857KB) for adult


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