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2018 "this is essential to disseminating information! SNS course held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time]
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00
Izumi Ward government office 4ABC meeting room
Director Representative NPO corporation CANPAN center Yasuhisa Yamada
35 people

Course contents

It is Director Representative "utilization shiyo NPO corporation CANPAN center Yasuhisa Yamada in SNS thinking about disseminating information some other time"

  • We received dispatch & with "SNS as interchange" that friend saw the information when we made friends on Web, and oneself sent to SNS and smartphone and learned that there was side of "SNS as platform of information" which could easily share thing sent on SNS.
  • About difference and errand separation of each site, there was explanation about differences such as [LINE] [Instagram] [Youtue] [Facebook] [Twitter] [homepage] [blog] while looking at materials and screen.
  • It became group of 3-4 people and shared the situation of disseminating information of participant.
  • That as person of 60% sees information with smartphone, it is necessary to confirm thing which sent with PC whether it is in information that even smartphone is easy to see; had to talk.

Example introduction

"Kamiiida housing complex fifth Neighborhood Association blog introduction" Kamiiida housing complex fifth Neighborhood Association chairperson Nobumichi Tamai

  • We reflected screen of real smartphone including opportunity when we began blog and being careful on screen and talked.
  • There was advice saying "art to continue blog" from participant "strained for toiu question without overdoing it".

Main voice of student attending a lecture

  • When what we sent SNS to at thing, target with different SNS which we saw by the generation was necessary, we were useful.
  • We say SNS to a mouthful, and what is it? We thought of this, but understood well.
  • When we disseminated information, viewpoint how the receipt side collected information served as a reference.
  • Being careful in recommended Web Service and SNS particularly positional information and security served as a reference.
  • We were surprised at convenience of voice inputting.
  • We did not think that SNS advanced like this. We thought that width of utilization spread in various ways.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

  • We held course for the second of local action practice course under the theme of SNS. When people who replied, "we want to begin a little that wants to begin SNS" by questionnaire after course put people who replied, "we have already begun" in 65% together, it is 84% of the whole, and participant just thinks SNS to have been a chance to begin disseminating information as familiar thing by course.
  • We think whether "you want who to see as it is different in SNS seeing by generations on the receipt side who learned in course that it wants you to practice necessary thing to choose tool to send".

Held guidance ※Offer was finished.

As for the details of held guidance, please see flyer.
This is essential to disseminating information! SNS course flyer (PDF: 942KB)


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