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Young people healthy upbringing

Last update date October 10, 2018

In Izumi Ward, we work on various healthy upbringings led by the young people instructor for young people healthy upbringing.

Main business

  • Ward young people activity promotion business: The furtherance to youth development group (Izumi Ward child society upbringing leader contact meeting)
  • Social environmental restoration business: The furtherance to group performing social environmental restoration activity
  • School, home, regional alliances business: The furtherance to activity that school, home, area becomes one three persons and performs


Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward business charge (the third floor 309th)
Telephone: 045-800 -2392.2395
FAX: 045-800-2507

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Izumi Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-800-2391

Telephone: 045-800-2391

Fax: 045-800-2507

E-Mail address [email protected]

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