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The making of young place to stay (amusement place of all)

Last update date October 10, 2018

Aiming at "the making of with a view of face of child and adult of relationships", local adults including the young people instructor, sports promotion committee member, chief children's committee plan child domotameno event in district centers and, in Izumi Ward, push forward "local child interchange support project" (amusement place of all) that local children participate in in that.

1 Nakata, Izumi-Chuo district (we carry out around ten times a year in situation district center)

2 Nakagawa, Shimbashi, shirayuri district (we carry out Nakagawa district center and elementary school in district approximately every month by turns)

3 lower Izumi, Fujimigaoka district (we carry out around one time led by lower Izumi district center in quarter)

4 Ryokuen districts (we carry out every month led by Ryokuen area interchange center)
Meeting homepage (the outside site)To outside site made with Ryokuen young people place to stay (to the outside site)

5 Kamiiida, ginkgo, Kamiiida housing complex, district (several times a year of conduct) in northern Izumi


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