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After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care)

Because protector spends after school when children of domestic primary schoolchild becoming absent are safe, and they are rich by working in the day, we carry out elementary school student healthy upbringing business after school in Yokohama-shi. As for the After-School Care Program Clubs (schoolchild nursery school), the cause of local understanding and cooperation, representative of local Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, local welfare officer, children's committee, the young people instructor, Principal elementary school, the local governing boards organized in various places such as protectors of object elementary school student of business or administration corporation receives assistance from Yokohama-shi and carries out.

Last update date August 21, 2020

At open time, please confirm page of Izumi Ward primary schoolchild after school about business summary including fee.

List of After-School Care Program Clubs in Izumi Ward

List of After-School Care Program Clubs
Name Address Telephone Main attending school school
Ginkgo second schoolchild nursery school

3490, Kamiiidacho
Ginkgo housing complex Building No. 48 Room 103


The Iida north ginkgo small

Nakata schoolchild nursery school (Ohisama club)

3-14-1, Nakatanishi
Gold-banded lily Nakashita community hall


The Nakata small
The Kazurano small
After-School Care Program Clubs takeno child club Izumi-Chuo north 2-26-2


The medium Wada small
The Izumi small
The Iseyama small
Kamiiida kindergarten schoolchild nursery school 2106, Kamiiidacho


The Kamiiida small
Good friend After-School Care Program Clubs

Ryokuen 1-4-2
The cape Ryokuen 2F


The Okazu small
The Ryokuen east small
The Ryokuen west small
Lower Izumi After-School Care Program Clubs (dandelion club) Lower Izumi 5-19 -12


The lower Izumi small
The medium Wada south small
YMCA Yamatedai after-school child day care

Ryoke 4-1-5
Hagiwara Building 3F

070-4251-4780 The Nishigaoka small
The Torigaoka small
The Kamiyabe small
Nakatahigashi schoolchild nursery school taiyo club

3-1-3, Nakatahigashi
Third Miki Building 2F


The Nakata small
The Higashinakada small
Minami Nakata Schoolchildren's Day Care Tokoro club Minami Nakata 2-1-29


The Nakata small
The Higashinakada small
Situation schoolchild nursery school bright club

Izumi-Chuo south 1-23-10
motobiru 3 2F


The Iseyama small
Nakata Miyanomae schoolchild nursery school soyokaze club The second floor of 4-59-41, Nakatahigashi


The Higashinakada small

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